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Praise for the song | The first season ended perfectly, Hao Renjia’s high-end hot pot base used strength to deduce high-end taste_Information Morning Post

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Praise for the song | The first season ended perfectly, Hao Renjia’s high-end hot pot base used strength to deduce high-end taste

Recently, in the multi-screen interactive music variety show “Praise for Songs” jointly produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Douyin, dozens of celebrities sang with passion, hundreds of talented people exchanged circles, and new songs and hot songs collided with each other. A new presentation mode for music variety shows. As the official industry sponsor of the show, Haorenjia’s high-end hot pot base material continues to expand its communication ideas and through content cooperation and innovation, thus once again reaching a new level of marketing.

Linked with the IP of the hottest program to open up the high-end voice volume of good people with high exposure

According to public data, the scale of my country’s compound seasoning market in 2020 will be about 150 billion yuan, and it will reach 165.8 billion yuan in 2021. Among them, the sales of high-end compound seasonings will continue to rise.

In this context, how can Hao Renjia quickly reach users and successfully reap their favor? In addition to the quality of the product itself, the communication channels are naturally very important.


In the field of high-end compound seasonings, Hao Renjia strictly adheres to the raw materials, and has successively invested in the construction of eight exclusive bases for raw materials such as butter refining, chili, and Chinese pepper. At the same time, as the drafting unit of industry standards, it always keeps up with the needs of consumers and continues to iterate and lead. The industry has developed by leaps and bounds.

By cooperating with the popular music variety “Praise for Songs” that has gathered young traffic, Hao Renjia has further opened up the potential consumer market.

Relying on the powerful traffic and content ecology of Zhejiang Satellite TV + Douyin, the program “Like for the Song” has brought together the attention of families including many young users. Its first interactive gameplay of “big screen first sing, small screen second creation” The deep binding of the public and the program has fully enhanced the user’s participation and attention, and thus provided a good soil for the fermentation of content.

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Taking advantage of the high volume of the show on the two major national-level media platforms, Haorenjia’s high-end hot pot base material achieved strong exposure through the appearance of the opening star and the implantation of high-light scenes in the film, and quickly conveyed high-end cognition among the target group.

Use music content to achieve user communication and stimulate multi-level resonance

With the increasingly fierce competition in the high-end condiment industry, marketing methods that focus on user experience have become an important way to increase user stickiness. Among them, interactive content is a key part.

Through the PK mode of new songs and hot songs, the program “Praise for Songs” derives more interactive content. Based on this, Hao Renjia has created the #好人家 for the pot and praise Douyin Challenge. Through the co-creation of celebrities and content, many target consumers will be substituted into the high-end world of Hao Renjia Hot Pot, capturing a group of new young users. Up to now, topic-related content has received 1.58 billion exposures.


In the program, the interaction between celebrities and talents also shows the sense of quality of good people in a scene. In terms of product placement, Hao Renjia’s brand and column group are ingenious, with “high-end materials, strength praise” as the core, and invited star guests such as Hu Yanbin, Yang Di, Zhang Bichen and others to sit together to form Hao Renjia’s high-end hot pot feast. The selling points of the company are fully displayed, allowing the audience to feel the good quality and taste of good people’s materials more realistically.

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The stars and guests on the stage indulge in singing, winning the praise of the Baizan group and the audience; the stars and guests on the stage indulge in singing, and the high-end hot pot ingredients under the stage brought delicious rewards to the guests. The combination of world-renowned music and delicious hot pot stimulates strong resonance with the brand in many circles.

“Praise for the Song” has the strength to link up and make a good person “Double Stars Shining”

And through the linking of “Praise for the Song”, the good people and the singer and composer Zhou Bichang became acquainted in the drama. After Zhou Bichang decided to participate in the program, Haorenjia immediately locked in the opportunity to cooperate with her. This was not only based on the strong consensus of the two parties on high-end tonality, but also because Haorenjia’s high-end hot pot ingredients used IP cooperation as an opportunity to expand entertainment marketing. New thinking.


Through the brand ambassador Zhou Bichang’s image in the program, Hao Renjia has a deep memory brand implantation inside and outside the program. In addition to the regular oral broadcast, Zhou Bichang always misses the opportunity to use the hot pot language whenever it is a key link in the program. Explain the interpretation of the game and make the brand image of Haoren more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through the spokesperson’s voice in the program.

The partnership between Haorenjia and Zhou Bichang is another “star-catching” masterpiece after Haorenjia signed Deng Lun as the brand’s spokesperson. With the help of the “star” power to increase the popularity of the brand, and to achieve effective communication with young consumers, while completing the rejuvenation of the brand, it gradually expands to different circles with the help of the fan population, and has solidly played a set of high-end strength marketing combination punches.

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“Praise for the Songs” ended, the strategic goal of the rejuvenation and high-end brand of Hao Renjia will continue to rise!

With the ending of the program “Praise for the Song”, the music journey of Good People has come to an end.

With the help of content marketing, Hao Renjia continues to move towards the high-end, from naming “If You Are the One”, signing Deng Lun endorsement, landing on Dragon TV Spring Festival Gala, and then joining hands with “Praise for the Song” and creating a “Double Star Endorsement”, all relying on The continuous breakthroughs of top media have empowered the market, thus achieving a strong practice of the brand’s high-end trend.

In the market battle to attack the high-end field, only continuous breakthroughs in marketing can break through from competing products. Hao Renjia has been deeply engaged in the high-end track, focusing on the seasoning field for 21 years, and continuing to build its brand image with the credibility of the top platform, in order to continuously seek breakthroughs and innovations and increase brand influence, it is bound to become the innovation benchmark for the entire seasoning industry. The battle for the high-end of the good people is still going on. I believe that in the near future, the good people will bring us more new growth.

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