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Rare Apple Sneakers Unveiled: A Dream Item for Fans

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Rare Apple Sneakers Unveiled: A Dream Item for Fans

Thinking Different, the lifestyle brand known for its retro-inspired Apple-themed products, has recently made waves with the unveiling of a rare Apple peripheral. The brand, founded by George Robertson, has previously launched sneakers, clothing, watches, and a variety of other items all inspired by the tech giant Apple. However, the latest reveal has caused a stir among Apple fans and collectors worldwide.

The rare item in question is a pair of Apple-themed sneakers said to have been produced in the mid-1990s as a promotional giveaway for a national sales conference. This pair of shoes, never sold to the public, has been a coveted item among Apple fans for many years. It wasn’t until recently that the sneakers became known to the world through an auction at Sotheby’s.

George Robertson, the founder of Thinking Different, has announced plans to open a museum to collect Apple memorabilia and display the brand’s past products and retro collections. Salehe Bembury, a well-known sneaker designer and Apple supporter, has donated the rare Apple-themed sneakers to the project. The shoes, made of all-white leather with a rainbow Apple logo, are in good condition, with only minor weathering on the upper.

The new museum project is still in its early stages, and fans can expect further updates and news as the project develops. For Apple enthusiasts and collectors, this museum promises to be a treasure trove of rare and unique Apple memorabilia.

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