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Realistic anti-corruption drama “Breakout” ends

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  Original title: Realistic anti-corruption drama “Breakout” ended

The 45-episode reality-themed anti-corruption drama “Breakout” ended the night before. Until the end, “Breakout” still did not have a big opening and closing plot, only the characters of a big opening and closing, this anti-corruption drama is like a complicated chess game, and the whole picture can be seen when the curtain ends.

“Breakout” started with “hidden” and used a whole episode to “deceive” the audience-Qi Ben’an’s obedience, Fan Jiahui’s willfulness, Shi Hongxing’s domineering, Niu Junjie’s unrestrainedness, and Lin Manjiang’s “Recruiting talents and not avoiding relatives” In fact, all the characters’ personalities and relationships in the play are all misplaced. Until the finale is staged, and looking back at the “dislocation” at the beginning of the story, you can feel the sense of absurdity in the distorted environment, especially when Lin Manjiang made Qi Ben’an “go home and kneel washboard” in public that seemed to be the ridicule and ridicule of the older brother to the younger brother. Squeezed right, it turned out to be a retest of Qi Benan’s tameness before he flew solo to Jingzhou.

In this chess game, both Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing were regarded by Lin Manjiang as a pawn on their chessboard, but they each walked out of the curve of sublimation and degeneration. Shi Hongxing, who failed to “break through”, is not stupid, but she has always dared not to doubt and deceived herself. Whether it is writing down Lin Manjiang’s actions in her notebook or exposing her angrily in the final confrontation, she can see her subconsciously. The self. Qi Ben’an taught Shi Hongxing to question, but he couldn’t teach her to “live for herself.” Shi Hongxing’s fate could not escape the character after all. Before dying, Shi Hongxing had such a feeling: They are all masters of layout, you may not understand after a long time, when you want to understand, just throw you on the platform in a daze, the train of the times has already been speeding. And pass.

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“Breakout” is about the breakthrough of a group of people of the era under the economic tide: Shi Hongxing attaches himself to others and pays his life by mistake, Li Shundong sells his love in front of 100,000 yuan in order to start a business and leaves life regrets, Qin Xiaochong controls under impulse Unable to keep his career in dust, Qian Rongcheng lost his life on the wheel of capital… This is the breakthrough sentient being recorded in the work. They set off with the ideals of struggle, love, career, and industry, but not necessarily all of them. Can reach the other side of the ideal, in the turbulent times, some people succeed, some fail, some stumbling. When looking back at the beginning of the TV series, Qi Ben’an said to his wife Fan Jiahui that is very meaningful: Looking at this era, current affairs are changing, the world is changing, and everyone is changing, so there are always new choices in life, and choice means To be willing and rewarding.

The vivid portrayal of the official freaks of Pi Dan and Lu Jianshe in the “Reverse Elimination of Cadres” in the play, and the pungent satire of the “barbarian” Fu Changming, the opponent holding Buddha beads, are all stunning sketches of the times. Compared with the various characters in the play, the most complicated character in “Breakthrough” is Lin Manjiang, especially the original version, which is more logically complete. In the novel “Breaking Out”, Zhu Changping, the founder of Zhongfu Group, who started with five gold bars, is actually Lin Manjiang’s grandfather. For various reasons, Lin Manjiang has not been taken care of since he was a child. He paranoidly believes that his grandfather Zhu Changping’s adherence to principles is the root cause of his tragic childhood. Lin Manjiang chose to abandon his ancestors and went to the opposite of Zhu Changping. He regards the Zhongfu Group as a personal domain and does everything possible to pave the way for his wife and children. He concealed his illness and wanted to go further politically, and also wanted to prove himself by surpassing Zhu Changping.

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However, people are not as good as the heavens. In the ward showdown at the finale of “Breakthrough”, Lin Manjiang did not admit defeat, and Qi Benan’s winner in the final game came from Lin Xiaowei’s choice. Lin Manjiang had countless calculations, but he never expected that his son who had high hopes would choose to be Zhu Changping. This action defeated Lin Manjiang’s chessboard of life.

The game of “Breakout” is the heart of the people. Lin Manjiang spent 12 years “sharpening edges and corners” for Qi Ben’an, and the two have been entangled for a lifetime. Lin Manjiang also struggled for a lifetime. He tried to “cure” his childhood with his whole life, but it was not until the last moment that he repented and finally let go of his obsession. The beautiful scenery is actually the calmness and calmness of life…

Only from this perspective can we discover that the large-scale Republican drama in “Breakthrough” is indeed an indispensable historical mirror image. In all fairness, I was very unaccustomed to seeing the continuous abrupt insertion of the Republic of China drama at first. But I have to say that the emotional resonance generated by the complete reading of this original story cannot be replaced by narration or flashback. “Breakthrough” boldly tells the past and present of a red state-owned enterprise through a duplex structure, and uses a complete and vivid story to create a profound conceptualization that speaks plainly and thoroughly. The Republican drama in the play contrasts sharply with the collapse of the Kuomintang due to corruption and the ideals and beliefs of the Communists. The narrative expression relives the enlightenment and warning from the depths of history, “the corruption of the enemy is our opportunity”, and provides the character fulcrum for the idealized purity of the main character, and also brightens the theme of the whole work with ideals. And characters. (Reporter Qiu Wei)


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