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Revitalizing Traditional Culture: The Rise of China’s Dance Drama Craze

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Paying equal attention to classic inheritance and innovation, “Dance Drama Craze” demonstrates the vitality of China’s excellent traditional culture

CCTV news: Since 2024, dance dramas have accounted for half of the popular stage performances. How to adapt dance drama classics with equal emphasis on inheritance and innovation, and how do young directors and dancers play the leading role? This is what dance workers have been thinking about.

With the emergence of more and more “hot” dance dramas, the “dance drama craze” has increasingly become the norm in the performance industry. “A Dream of Red Mansions” has a full schedule in the first half of the year, the “Li Bai” tour has received a lot of praise, “Only Green” and “Poetry of Dongpo” have successfully “went overseas”, and “Wing Chun” and other excellent works have continued to emerge, demonstrating the importance of China’s excellent traditional culture in Vigorous vitality in the new era.

The creators of the dance drama are rooted in the excellent traditional Chinese culture but are not bound by tradition. They transform tradition into modernity through innovative expressions. Facing a new generation of audience, we choose to create art that is closer to the cognitive characteristics of today’s young people.

Most of the hits in the “Dance Drama Craze” are based on the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and most of the people watching and discussing them are young people. Many young viewers even watched the show for the second or third time. While watching and appreciating it, they also communicated and discussed on social media platforms.

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