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“Sand Dune” China Box Office Breaks US$21 Million for the First Time-The Hollywood Reporter

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Dennis Villeneuve dune Over the weekend, he made a strong start at the box office of theaters in China, with box office revenue of US$21.9 million. But it turns out that this technically superb sci-fi epic can’t match the enduring national appeal of China’s leading film. Battle of Changjin Lake, Although it opened nearly a month ago, it still added $32.3 million to the huge box office revenue.

Battle of Changjin Lake According to Artisan Gateway, it has now earned US$828.1 million (5.3 billion yuan) and has the potential to become China’s largest movie in 2021—and the world’s largest movie this year—to beat the Chinese New Year comedy. Hello motherIn February, RMB 5.41 billion was created (US$ 821 million at the exchange rate at the time).

duneThe opening show is the fourth largest Hollywood movie in China in 2021, second only to the three pillars that are least supportive of the brain: F9: Fast Legend From Universal, Warner Godzilla vs. King Kong And Disney Free man. The opening also represented Villeneuve’s best player in China, surpassing his previous sci-fi mind Blade Runner 2049 ($7.6 million) and Right to use (US$7.3 million), both opened in the country in 2017.

Maoyan Project, a leading ticketing and movie data application company in China dune Ended her career with an estimated $35.2 million.

dune It is marketed and distributed in China by Legend Oriental, which is a subsidiary of Beijing Legend Entertainment under the Chinese real estate group Dalian Wanda Group. Warner Bros. sells support shafts elsewhere in the world. The movie was released simultaneously on WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service, and it is believed that the pirated high-definition version that has been circulating in China since late last week occupies at least part of the movie’s theater release time.

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dune However, it performed particularly well on China’s Imax, which opened with US$5.1 million on the brand’s giant screen network, accounting for 23% of the total domestic screen share, while the domestic screen share was only 1%. IMAX China said it had the largest October box office revenue ever, with only one week left.

duneChina’s social score reflects the reality generally expected by domestic box office analysts—Chinese movie lovers score very high, but the number of movie audiences that are common in China’s provinces and regions is small. On Douban, China’s leading electronic taste maker community, dune The score is 7.9/10, which is the highest score for an American film studio since the pandemic began (F9 Is 5.2; Godzilla vs. King Kong Is 6.3; and Free man Yes 7.6). But in the mainstream ticketing application of Maoyan, it is used all over China, dune It has a score of 8/10, which is at the low end of major modern Hollywood movies (Maoyan’s score is always higher than that of Douban​​).

Due to the new outbreak of Covid-19, China’s potential box office shrinks overall over the weekend, resulting in the closure of movie theaters in at least eight regions in China, including Xinjiang, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Guizhou, Hebei, and Inner Mongolia. China’s “zero coronavirus” approach to fighting the epidemic means that even the smallest outbreak means a severe lockdown. According to Reuters, more than 100 local transfer cases have recently been reported across counties. As a result, even with the demonstration of solid support products, the weekend box office revenue in China fell to the lowest level in October, at only US$69.3 million.

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Hollywood will return to the China Mansion on Friday, when the James Bond movie will premiere locally No time to die.

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