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Shame – The Age of Man – Album Review

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Shame – The Age of Man – Album Review

Shame – The Age of Man
Origin: Austria
Release: 26.01.2024
Label: Running Wild Productions
Duration: 46:18
Genre: Sludge

The Sludge Combo, founded in 2018 Shame from Upper Austria has already made a name for itself in the regional scene in recent years and is opening the year 2024 with their first long player The Age of Man. Originally founded in a bar, the band is now moving to stages around the world and promises melancholic melodies paired with hard extreme metal parts.

The opener Beast takes things a little more leisurely at first and moves most of the time in a more leisurely tempo range, which is only occasionally left for even more brutal blast beat passages. Overall, more emphasis is placed on a catchy groove over which the promised melancholic guitar riffs can be layered. Anthropocenethat you HERE can listen to, goes in a similar direction, but impresses with ambient acoustic elements and tempo changes without having to unpack the crowbar.

More catchy than expected

Thirst starts with a pretty fancy and almost pop-sounding guitar riff that invites you to hum along, but after a short time it goes back into the mix of groove and black metal. Of course, an album like this also needs a short instrumental interlude. Not quite four minutes Forgotten Souls It’s actually by far the shortest track on the album, but it can create a good atmosphere. Afterwards there’s enough banter and chatter Kings the next eight and a half minute monster is unleashed. Here you can also find isolated punk influences that further round off the portfolio. You can listen to the song, for example HERE.

We are nearing the end and with Flesh and Stone the accelerator pedal is depressed again for five minutes. Haste On the other hand, the ending seems a bit more proggy than the rest of the album, but overall the album ends very pleasantly.

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Nàire make their debut work The Age of Man a lot of things are right. The songwriting seems well thought out and coherent for a long time. However, the album is not something to be listened to casually, but requires you to really actively listen. There could probably still be a few screws turned in the production itself, but that’s something we can look forward to for the successor. 8 / 10

Line Up
Mike – Gesang
Terence – guitar, vocals
Felix – Bass
Stevan – guitar
Luciver – drums

01. Beast
02. Anthropocene
03. Thirst
04. Forgotten Souls
05. Kings
06. Flesh and Stone
07. Haste

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