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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Enchants Audience in France with Stunning Performance

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Shen Yun New Era Troupe Enchants Audience in France with Stunning Performance

Spectators in Awe as Shen Yun New Era Troupe Performs in France

[NTD News, Beijing time, March 05, 2024] On the evening of March 4, the American Shen Yun New Era Troupe captivated audiences with their first performance at the Grand Theater de Provence in France. The atmosphere was electric, with continuous applause filling the theater. As the performance came to a close, Shen Yun artists took three curtain calls, leaving the audience in awe.

Jeweler Rémy Christian shared his experience, stating, “While watching the dancers dance on the stage, I feel the energy passing through and penetrating my body.” This sentiment was echoed by many others in attendance, including former transportation company manager Laurent Roussiasse, who expressed surprise at the show’s excellence.

The audience showered Shen Yun with praise for its pure kindness and beauty, which touched their hearts and transported them to a world of wonder. Physical therapist Colette Kaisin even referred to watching Shen Yun as a birthday gift, describing the show as beautiful, pure, and refined.

Rémy Christian raved about the performance, saying, “The show was fantastic, and I had a great time. I loved all the sets and costumes; everything was so beautiful and amazing, it was such a joy to watch.” Laurent Roussiasse was equally impressed, describing the dynamic cyclorama as truly spectacular.

Audience members were unanimous in their experience of being transported into another world while watching Shen Yun perform. Colette Kaisin shared, “I was literally transported into a world of peace and tranquility, accompanied by music that was so captivating and intoxicating.”

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As the evening came to a close, the overwhelming sentiment was one of joy, happiness, and bliss. Colette Kaisin summed it up best, stating, “It’s a moment of pure magic and bliss, being transported into such a wonderful world. You have to go see the show to experience it, at least once in a lifetime.”

For more information on Shen Yun and booking information, visit their official website. NTDTV reporters Isabel and Zhao Jialin reported from Aix-en-Provence, France.

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