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Some people are popular in the record industry, and some people are popular in the film and television circle. Why is THE9 still prosperous after disbanding?

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Some people are popular in the record industry, and some people are popular in the film and television circle. Why is THE9 still prosperous after disbanding?

Original title: Why is THE9 still prosperous after some people are popular in the record industry, and some people are popular in the film and television industry after disbanding

Two years ago on May 30, the limited girl group THE9 officially debuted from the variety show “Youth with You Season 2″. Today, two years later, although the group has been disbanded after the limited period, it is still eye-catching, making it ” The topic of the second anniversary of THE9’s debut as a group” was trending on Weibo. It is worth mentioning that, unlike some other limited groups after the disbandment, some people became popular and some people disappeared, the members of THE9 either released solo albums, EPs, singles, etc. to make a foray in the record industry, or appeared in film and television dramas and variety shows on the screen. Frequent appearances, making the heat unabated.

The highest single album transaction amount exceeded 10 million

Although THE9 officially “graduated” in December last year, it is still attracting attention at the moment. On May 30, the topic of “The 2nd Anniversary of THE9’s debut as a group” rushed to Weibo’s hot search list. As of 14:30 on the same day, the total number of readings on this topic has reached 54.48 million times, and the number of discussions has reached 51,000 times. A large number of fans have expressed their love for the group and members under this topic.

At this time, the nine members of THE9 did not stop after ending the limited combination, and continued to move forward on their respective career paths. First of all, they have to release more music works one after another to capture the hearts of fans. .

Just 6 days ago, Liu Yuxin, who debuted as the center in THE9, just opened the pre-sale of her first physical album “XANADU”. According to the data released by the pre-sale platform JD.com, after the pre-sale of the album started, the sales volume of the album exceeded 10,000 copies in 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and exceeded 50,000 copies in 6 hours and 40 minutes. It has broken 67,000 copies, and the transaction volume has exceeded 15 million yuan. As of the press time of the Beijing Business Daily reporter, the album is still at the top of the mainland pop music chart on JD.com, and has remained at the top of the list for 6 consecutive days.

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Not only Liu Yuxin, other members of THE9 are also pushing their music works to the public one after another this year. Among them, THE9 member Lu Keran released his first EP “21G” in February this year, while another member Yu Yan achieved the single “Unknown Distance” with Lou Yixiao, Su Yunying and Wang Ruiqi in January this year It was released as a theme song to help the Winter Olympics, which caused a lot of heated discussions at the time.

Popular TV dramas and variety shows frequently appear

When some members are hot in the record industry, other members frequently appear in the film, television and variety show circles to attract attention.

Taking THE9 member Xie Keyin as an example, in the family emotional drama “Dear Child”, which was broadcast in April this year, his figure appeared on the screen as Dong Fan. In addition, Xie Keyin also appeared in this year’s variety show “Every Day Up” and “Wilderness Hunter” special program, the 2022 Jiangsu Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala and Lantern Festival Gala, and the winter fun entertainment snow variety show “Super Fun Skiing Conference”.

Another member, Zhao Xiaotang, has also made many appearances in the film and television and variety show circles. Not only was it officially announced to join “Daily Upward” in January this year, but in February, the costume comedy “Washer Rivers and Lakes” starring was officially broadcast. Since then, he has also participated in “Happy Twist” and joined the variety show “Hello, Saturday” and so on. In addition, in Henan Satellite TV’s “Chinese Festival” series “Qingming Wonderful Tour” broadcast in April this year, THE9 member Xu Jiaqi played Li Qingzhao, a talented girl from the Song Dynasty in her girlhood, which attracted the attention of fans and audiences.

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“Multiple development is the development direction chosen by many artists.” Zhao Xinyue, a senior manager, said that according to the judgment of the artist’s actual situation, strengths and weaknesses, combined with the development of the industry, the company will plan for the artist’s development direction. When a work is released, if there is a suitable film and television script and participating in the performance is also a path to ensure career development. At the same time, joining a variety show is also a way to both reveal and shape the image, thereby maintaining the popularity and attention of the artist.

Steady and steady to go further

Throughout the period of the variety show fire in the past two years, whenever a show ended, a limited combination would be born, especially the appearance of NINEPERCENT and Rocket Girls 101, which made the limited combination heat up sharply. Since then, UNINE, Although R1SE, THE9, and Hard Candy Girl 303 are not as popular as the first two, they have also gathered a lot of traffic in a short period of time.

However, when the song ended and the group disbanded, although there were still members who were able to continue the fire, some members gradually disappeared. In addition, some members of the group behaved badly or “collapsed the house”, and they also lost their stars. The way is buried.

“On the one hand, the original intention of the limited combination is to continue the influence of variety shows, and on the other hand, it is also to gather more resources to bring the artists to the public, but there are also frequent problems during the implementation process, the resources are not balanced, and the promised activities are frequently released. Doves’ etc. have caused dissatisfaction among fans and other parties.” Music critic Wang Le believes that, in fact, all parties need to realize from the very beginning that debuting from a limited group does not mean absolute success, but just a chance to get a springboard. If you can play steadily and steadily, you can accumulate resources and enthusiasm for the future, but if you just float on the surface, it still won’t work.

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In addition, in Zhao Xinyue’s view, whether an artist can be popular and how long can it be popular, in addition to the professional ability of the brokerage team, the ability of the artist itself is also very important, and at present, China has made stricter management regulations for talent shows. , in the follow-up, artists need to polish their professional ability to win the recognition of the market and fans.

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