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“Something strong and serious” SHOW El Intransigente

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“Something strong and serious” SHOW El Intransigente

Truly unexpected was what took place in Channel Thirteenmore precisely in Mañanísima, the program carried out Carmen Barbieri. There, she was invited as a guest by none other than Karina Mazzocco, with whom last year she had very strong disagreements over the topics that were discussed in Afternoon.

«We will see if he is as beautiful a person on the inside as he is on the outside. Is she that good? Look how pretty she is, how right she is to come like that. “A friend of mine told me great things about Karina,” Fede Bal’s mother began by launching, more spicy than ever, around this presence.

“You’re better than I thought,” said Estefi Berardi, one of the panelists on the Sena del Solcito program, after listening to Karina Mazzocco. But far from staying silent, Carmen Barbieri came out with the plugs on. “I don’t think we’re that good or that bad, but they had me on their show for years,” she said.

«You have to know the person to whom you are going to dedicate eight minutes of the program like you did. “Who is he, what has he done, what is being talked about… There was talk of serious issues about ‘Cebollitas’ in which child abuse, pushing, hitting, something strong and serious were reported,” she noted.

“That year I feel like I was affiliated with your program,” Carmen Barbieri shot in a moment of great tension on the air. However, this was not all, since the driver went for more. «I’m not angry anymore. But first yes, if not Estefi says it », she attacked.

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«The boys had to support me… I was angry with you and with the production because they talked about topics that were not true. That happens too,” she launched. Bluntly, Karina Mazzocco tried to defend herself against her. «It happens that in every story there are two versions. A side A and a side B. It depends from what point of view you look at something, the situation is different,” she stated.

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