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SORCERER – Reign Of The Reaper

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SORCERER – Reign Of The Reaper

Reign Of The Reaper
(Epic Metal | Doom | Heavy Metal)

Label: Metal Blade
Format: (LP)

Release: 27.10.2023

The Epic Doomer SORCERER, founded in 1988, have been enchanting their fans with great albums on a regular basis since they were re-founded in 2010 and were most recently able to underline their status as the absolute greats of the genre with “Lamenting Of The Innocnect” and the cover EP “Reverence”. Now the cult metallers’ fourth work in total is released and picks up exactly where the last masterpiece left off.

“Reign Of The Reaper” is epic, theatrical and metallic through and through. One big anthem follows the next and SORCERER captivate you in the first seconds with their very own sound. Even though the tracks are on average a little shorter than on the already damn strong predecessor, the Swedes build really great tension here, offering the necessary pinch of bombast in the form of bombastic walls of sound, successful keys and memorable choirs. In contrast, there are traditional riffs between heavy metal and doom and the haunting, sometimes somewhat desperate-sounding vocals of Andreas Engberg, who gives his all here again. The opener contains all of these elements and then inspires towards the end with sacred male choirs that sound damn masculine and make you want to raise your fist to the sky.

Even if they deliver pathetic melodies and rhythms and a certain truthfulness is noticeable, SORCERER never gets cheesy, on the contrary, the choirs, the bombast and the often sublime sounding riffs sit and fit together perfectly. The title track takes a little more time, but immediately gets under your skin and impresses with doomy riffs, nasty-sounding chants and an intense chorus with the double bass rattling through. It gets catchy in the traditional “Thy Kingdom Will Come” and with the quiet beginning “Eternal Sleep”, which then continues to build up, and the higher vocals keep me thinking of HAMMERFALL. An incredibly powerful anthem that gives you goosebumps.

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“Curse Of Medusa” sounds subtly oriental, the shorter “The Underworld” is more dynamic and “Break Of Dawn” makes it even more exciting towards the end with an epic song structure, theatrical singing and beautiful melodies. On the other hand, the creaky “Unveiling Blasphemy” with US metal undertones is a little more difficult to access, but it also develops its effect over time.

Ultimately, “Reign Of The Reaper” is nothing other than another Epic Doom masterpiece from SORCERER, who combine traditional elements with contemporary elements and an extremely fat sound, delivering eight real hits and anthems.

Tracklist „Reign Of The Reaper“:

1. Morning Star
2. Reign Of The Reaper
3. Thy Kingdom Will Come
4. Eternal Sleep
5. Curse Of Medusa
6. Unveiling Blasphemy
7. The Underworld
8. Break Of Dawn
Total playing time: 47:10


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