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Spectacular Sold-Out Performance of Shen Yun in Phoenix Draws Rave Reviews

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Spectacular Sold-Out Performance of Shen Yun in Phoenix Draws Rave Reviews

Shen Yun Performance in Phoenix, USA Sold Out on Valentine’s Day

On the evening of February 13, 2024, the Phoenix Orpheum in Phoenix, USA, was the site of Shen Yun North America’s first performance of the year. Epoch Times reporters Jiang Li and Yu Lili were on hand to cover the sold-out event, where many eagerly anticipated attendees arrived early to catch a glimpse of the highly anticipated show.

The Shen Yun North America Performing Arts Troupe delivered a mesmerizing performance that left the audience inspired and in awe. The performance, running for over two hours, not only provided a visual and auditory feast but also conveyed a profound message of divine culture, leaving the audience deeply moved.

Among the attendees was Food Industry Group President Ron Ogan and his wife Luisa, who were captivated by the skilled musicians and dancers of Shen Yun. Ron Ogan praised the professional level of the dancers and appreciated the performance’s portrayal of profound divine connotations. His wife, Luisa, also felt a sense of hope and spiritual resonance during the show.

Professional photographer and photography company owner Reina Legrand and her husband Aaron were also in attendance and were particularly struck by the cultural heritage and divine connotations portrayed in the performance. Reina expressed admiration for Shen Yun’s efforts to revive traditional culture and build bridges of communication between different cultures.

Both couples were deeply impressed by the show, with Ron and Luisa describing it as a beautiful and profound experience, and Reina expressing a newfound interest in Chinese culture and traditions.

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Overall, the Shen Yun performance at the Phoenix Orpheum on Valentine’s Day left a lasting impression on the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for traditional culture and a sense of hope and inspiration. As the curtains closed, the enriched guests left the venue eagerly anticipating future performances and further explorations of the profound messages conveyed by Shen Yun.

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