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Speed ​​limits? No problem here is the map that will tell you everything, street by street

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ROME – The fear of running into speed camera fines for carelessness will become just a memory. Here Technologies, the famous location systems technology platform, has announced the launch of the “Here Isa” map, which provides vehicle devices and drivers with up-to-date information on speed limits on any road you are traveling on.

Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance (ISA) is a vehicle safety feature that helps drivers stay within the speed limit on various roads which, starting July 2022, will become mandatory in Europe on all new car models. vans, trucks and buses. The Here Isa map, particularly detailed, was therefore developed to allow car manufacturers to comply with the requirements of the new European Union Isa regulation which aims to increase road safety and reduce CO2 emissions. Already today many driving assistance systems are able to “read”, through the cameras installed on the car, road signs with speed limits but this is not enough because the signs can be visually obscured in case of bad weather and many speed limits are not explicitly indicated.

Thanks to the new Here Isa map it is possible to obtain precise and reliable information on speed limits at any time, regardless of environmental conditions, in every corner of the world. “Here is proud to provide the automotive industry with the advanced location data and services it needs to improve road safety for all road users – underlines Sheila Nedelcu, senior director Automotive product management at Here Technologies – The map Here Isa focuses on supporting the safety of drivers by ensuring that they always have accurate information on speed limits, including conditional limits and non-visible signs. Here Isa Map can be easily integrated into any Isa solution and helps car manufacturers to comply with the new mandatory Isa regulation of the European Union ”.

Implementation of Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance is expected to help reduce both traffic accidents and victims, as well as polluting emissions and the validity of its function, as well as by EU member states, has also been recognized by Norway and Switzerland as well as some EU candidate countries that have decided to adopt it.


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