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Spring Melodies: Inner Mongolia Rising Stars Sing the Prelude to Northern Xinjiang

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Spring Melodies: Inner Mongolia Rising Stars Sing the Prelude to Northern Xinjiang

New Artist’s New Work Sings the Prelude to Spring in Northern Xinjiang

Inner Mongolia Daily reporter Ma Fang

Inner Mongolia uses songs as a medium to sing the prelude to spring in northern Xinjiang. “Singing Northern Xinjiang” Inner Mongolia Rising Stars’ New Works Concert included the popular “Standing on the Grassland Looking at Beijing” and “Swan Geese”, the fashionable and modern “Express Boy” and “Dragon’s Style”, which were popular all over the country, and the passionate and bold “I am a Wrangler” “Bold Inner Mongolia is waiting for you”, the elegant and beautiful “Moonlight Like Water” and “The Horizon”, the classic songs “Horse Rod” and “Carnival Grassland”… 20 original works from Inner Mongolia with profound thoughts, exquisite art and well-made styles. Various mixes and fusions provided the audience with a spring music feast.

“I stand on the grassland and look at Beijing, and the peace and tranquility of the country are endless as far as the eye can see…” When Wulan Tuya sang the well-known masterpiece “Standing on the Grassland and Looking at Beijing”, the scene suddenly became excited. Everyone waved their light sticks and sang loudly along with the cheerful and melodious rhythm.

Sing the melody of spring and feel the breath of spring. On the evening of March 3, the “Singing of Northern Xinjiang” concert of new works by Inner Mongolia rising stars, hosted by the Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles and hosted by the Inner Mongolia Musicians Association, was “hot and hot”. This concert was guided by Xi Jinping’s cultural thoughts and focused on building a strong sense of the Chinese nation’s community, focusing on building a cultural brand in Northern Xinjiang.

Colorful northern Xinjiang culture becomes popular

“I’m very excited today. I heard Ulan Tuya singing live, and I even got to sign autographs! During the popular performance, I felt the charm of Inner Mongolia’s music and fell in love with Inner Mongolia even more.” said Wang Lei, a student at Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics. In this concert, Wulan Tuya brought his representative works “Standing on the Grassland Looking at Beijing” and “Horse Rod”. She said: “Singing and singing about Northern Xinjiang is the mission and responsibility of Inner Mongolia’s literary and art workers. I am very happy to be on the same stage with many young music workers this time, so that more people can see the colorful Inner Mongolia in the new era. Northern Xinjiang culture, I hope more outstanding literary and artistic workers will come out of Inner Mongolia, so that people from all over the world can better understand Inner Mongolia.”

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At the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, Inner Mongolia sings its hospitality and sincerity into its songs, extending an invitation to spring to guests and friends from all over the world. Songs such as “Bold Inner Mongolia is Waiting for You”, “Three Hundred Alleys”, “I’m Waiting for You Under the Blue Sky and White Clouds” and “Please Come to the Grassland” sing the warm hospitality of Inner Mongolian people. According to Tara, a member of the Merlin group, “Bold Inner Mongolia is Waiting for You” is their new work. The song sings about the beautiful scenery and food of Inner Mongolia, as well as the warm and hospitable people of Inner Mongolia. He said: “This is our first performance of the song “Bold Inner Mongolia is Waiting for You”. We want to sing all the beautiful things about Inner Mongolia to everyone. We welcome friends from all over the world to come to Inner Mongolia as guests, taste Inner Mongolian food and visit the beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia. ”

“I am a Wrangler” sung by the Aduzin Group took the audience on a musical journey to understand the spirit of Mongolian horses. Gao Jinshan, a member of the Abdul Qin group, said: “The original song “I am a Wrangler” we brought sang about the strength, bravery and fearlessness of the Inner Mongolian people. It was innovated and adapted based on traditional music elements, adding an allegro melody, I hope everyone can feel the charm of Inner Mongolia music.”

The entire concert featured shocking music, cool stage lights, and wonderful performances by the singers… The audience was infected by the enthusiasm of the music and singers. They kept waving their light sticks, cheering and applauding, and the whole venue was full of energy. Joy and vitality turned into a sea of ​​songs.

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It is understood that in recent years, our district has created more than 20,000 new songs, and a number of outstanding singers have emerged who are loved by audiences across the country. In this concert, Aori Qileng appeared on the stage with “Moonlight Like Water”, one of the top ten most popular original songs from Inner Mongolia in 2022. “Moonlight Like Water” was written by Ximing Chaolu and composed by Ulan Toga, known as the “Melody Master”. Ao Ri Qileng’s passionate performance made this “Prairie Serenade” even more beautiful and moving. Aoriqileng said: “I am very happy and honored to return to my hometown to participate in the concert. I would like to thank the Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles for setting up this good platform for us to promote northern Xinjiang culture through music and contribute to the development of our hometown with singing.”

Show off your strong musical abilities

“I am a courier boy. I run around day and night to keep my promises and deliver my trust as scheduled. That is my happiness.” The song “Courier Boy” sings the happiness of workers who are indispensable roles in city builders. Singer Saiyin Bilig said: “This song is very down-to-earth and full of positive energy. Being able to show our original works at the concert is an encouragement and spur for musicians, motivating us to create more and more Share good works with everyone.”

A euphemistic and beautiful song “Togetherness” sings out the vivid practice of our district in carrying out various tasks with the main line of building a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation. Singer Wang Min said: “This song embodies the theme of national unity, helping each other, and building dreams together. I hope it will add luster to the culture of northern Xinjiang.”

According to statistics, the concert that day was broadcast through Grassland All Media, Pentium Fusion Media, Practice Fusion Media Video Account, Civilized Inner Mongolia Video Account, Inner Mongolia Literature and Art (Video Account, Douyin Account), Qingcheng Fusion Media, Inner Mongolia Youth (Video Account, Douyin Account) account), Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics (video account, Douyin account) and other platforms live broadcast. As of March 4, a total of 1 million+ viewers online and offline watched this music feast.

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“This concert is a kind of inheritance and promotion of our Inner Mongolian music and traditional culture. It allows us to get to know more Inner Mongolian musicians and original songs. We hope that this kind of event can be held more in colleges and universities so that the majority of students have the opportunity to participate. Among them.” Li Yang, a student at Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics, said excitedly after the concert.

Music is the dominant category of artistic creation in Inner Mongolia. Entering a new era, the vast number of music workers in the region, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, have gone deep into life, rooted in the people, worked diligently, and devoted themselves to creation, and have launched a large number of outstanding new songs that enhance the spiritual power of the people. A large number of rising stars with outstanding professional skills and both moral and artistic talents have made positive contributions to the high-quality development of the autonomous region’s literary and artistic undertakings.

Ji Xiaoqing, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles, said: “The Autonomous Region Federation of Literary and Art Circles organizes the ‘Singing Northern Xinjiang’ Inner Mongolia Rising Stars New Works Concert to promote new talents and new works, so that more rising stars can enter the public eye and bring more Catchy new songs have entered the playlists of young people, promoting excellent songs to become an effective starting point for establishing a positive image of Inner Mongolia. Music, a form that the people love to hear and see, subtly and silently builds the cultural brand of Northern Xinjiang. Build a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation, and work together to do two major things well and achieve the goal of breaking through a new path and entering the middle reaches.

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