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STEVE HACKETT – The Circus And The Nightwhale

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STEVE HACKETT – The Circus And The Nightwhale

The Circus And The Nightwhale
(Progressive Rock)

Label: InsideOut
Format: (LP)

Release: 16.02.2024

I love this album. It says the things I’ve wanted to say for a long timeSteve Hackett

Lots of guitars, bombastic keyboards, saxophone and flute solos, several singers, choral singing, orchestral and jazzy elements and lots of guest musicians who can let off steam on bass, drums and various other musical instruments. All of these (and much more) are ingredients that speak for a progressive rock album.

“The Circus And The Nightwhale” has enough of all of these characteristics. Furthermore, the title and the cover slap the “progressive rock” genre over our ears to such an extent that there is no chance of confusion. The name STEVE HACKETT leaves no doubt that you should prepare for something difficult and not easy. Hackett has been in the business for over 50 years and was the guitarist at GENESIS in its heyday, where a Peter Gabriel stood in front of the microphone and made every show a unique experience. Hackett also worked at GTR alongside Steve Howe (ASIA, YES), among others.

“The Circus And The Nightwhale” is his 30th solo album and, according to him and the label, is a Rite Of Stage concept album (I checked because I didn’t know either: Rite of Stage means something like an official ceremony or activity , which denotes a turning point in a person’s life – or specifically the coming of age). The focus is on a young character named Travla and the 13 tracks are also said to have an autobiographical background,

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The album contains all of the ingredients listed above, but it still doesn’t really get going. It seems to me that Hackett packed all sorts of song snippets from bands like PINK FLOYD, ASIA, YES, JETHRO TULL, GENESIS and many more into a sack, gave them a good shake and then served them up again in 13 portions. No song takes me away and ignites feelings in me, like the bands mentioned above easily manage to do with such works. Everything sounds already heard countless times and somehow listless.

“I love this album. It says the things I’ve wanted to say for a long time.”said Steve about his new work

Based on this statement, I unfortunately have to assume that STEVE HACKET doesn’t have much to say anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, the music on “The Circus And The Nightwhale” is beyond any musical doubt, but the bottom line is that it just causes me complete boredom.

Tracklist „The Circus And The Nightwhale“:

1. People Of The Smoke
2. These Passing Clouds
3. Taking You Down
4. Found And Lost
5. Enter The Ring
6. Get Me Out
7. Ghost Moon And Living Love
8. Circus Inferno
9. Breakout
10. All At Sea
11. Into The Nightwhale
12. Wherever You Are
13. White Dove
Total playing time: 45:01


STEVE HACKETT – The Circus And The NightwhaleLineUp:Nad Sylvan – VocalsAmanda Lehmann – VocalsSteve Hackett – Vocals, Guitars, Mandoline, Mnudharmonika, BassRoger King – Keys, OrchestrierungRob Townsend – SaxophonJonas Reingold – Bass John Hackett – FlöteCraig Blundell – DrumsNick D’Virgilio – DrumsHugo Degenhardt – Drums6…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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