Home Entertainment Stray Kids will return with new mini album ‘MAXIDENT’ on October 7th_music_world_dome

Stray Kids will return with new mini album ‘MAXIDENT’ on October 7th_music_world_dome

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Stray Kids will return with new mini album ‘MAXIDENT’ on October 7th_music_world_dome

Original title: Stray Kids will return on October 7 with new mini album “MAXIDENT”

Stray Kids will make a comeback with their new album “MAXIDENT” on October 7 at 1:00 pm (0:00 EST). At 0:00 on the 6th, Stray Kids released the teaser video through their SNS account.

The trailer adds to the anticipation of the well-produced new mini-album. Walking through the heart of New York City, enjoying a free-spirited routine, the Stray Kids receive a mysterious phone call and realize something big has happened. In a clearly different atmosphere from the previous scene, the unidentified heart-shaped monster that appeared in front of them disrupted their leisurely daily life and started a reversal. What is the meaning of this reversal, and the music and concepts they will show arouse great curiosity.

Previously, Stray Kids topped the US billboard chart “Billboard 200” with the album “ODDINARY” released on March 18 this year, creating the third record in the history of K-pop artists. The title song ‘MANIAC’ surpassed 100 million times on the global music distribution platform ‘sportify’ as of August 31, proving its global popularity.

Stray Kids has created its own music based on the in-group production team “3RACHA” composed of Fang Can, Seo Changbin, and Han Jicheng, and established a unique integrity. It conveyed a strong impact to fans at home and abroad and became a trend. Recently, they have successfully held their second world tour “MANIAC” with a total of 21 performances in 9 cities, expanding their foothold.

In addition, Stray Kids will hold ‘Stry Kids World Tour ‘MANIAC’ Seoul Special Concert (UNVEIL 11)’ at KSPO dome (Old Gymnastics Arena) in Songpa-gu, Seoul from the 17th to the 18th of this month. This solo concert, which is even more meaningful because Stray Kids entered the KSPO dome for the first time, was completely sold out after the general pre-sale started, and Stray Kids once again showed a strong box office appeal after the second world tour.

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Stray Kids will once again capture the hearts of fans around the world with its high-quality mini-album ‘MAXIDENT’ to be released on October 7th. JYP Entertainment will start pre-sale of limited edition and regular edition of Stray Kids’ new album ‘MAXIDENT’ at domestic and overseas sales offices sequentially from today (6th) at 12 pm.Return to Sohu, see more


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