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[Strugglers are youthful, front-line story]Miao Yanyan: live a wonderful life with the sun jqknews

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[Strugglers are youthful, front-line story]Miao Yanyan: live a wonderful life with the sun jqknews

  【Striver, Youth, Frontline Story

Guangming Daily reporter Li Huishangjie

In the early autumn, in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, the 4th Company of the 224th Regiment of the 14th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the 10,000-acre jujube orchard was fruitful, and the green jujubes were laughing on the branches.

Miao Yanyan’s family lives here.

At one o’clock at noon, Miao Shuxin, who was busy in the jujube orchard, called his daughter’s video phone: “Look, this year’s jujubes are big and thin, so there is no need to worry about the supply.” .

“The list has not been disconnected in the past two days. Dates and sea buckthorn are selling well.” On the other end of the phone, Miao Yanyan, who was receiving treatment in Chongqing, appeared in front of the reporter.

In 2005, 12-year-old Miao Yanyan had symptoms of slurred speech, difficulty swallowing and even breathing. Her father took her everywhere to seek medical treatment. At the age of 16, she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis.

This is a neuroimmune disease, which is a rare disease. There is no specific medicine, and it cannot be cured by surgery. A cold may take the patient’s life.

As his condition got worse, Miao Yanyan was forced to leave his beloved school. “The pain made the child breathless. She was in a severe coma, coughed up blood, and experienced sudden lung infections and respiratory failure many times. The hospital has issued four critical illness notices.” Miao Shuxin said that over the years, he has brought With the child running around in various ways, seeking medical treatment and asking for medicine, there is not much left in the family savings.

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In May 2019, Miao Yanyan fell ill again and fell into a severe coma. The daily treatment cost of nearly 10,000 yuan makes life even more stretched. When times are tough, some suggest online fundraising. “For the sake of the children, you have to try.” Miao Shuxin followed the advice and decided to initiate fundraising. In just 5 days, donations of 126,482 yuan were received from 3,565 people.

This warm love money once again pulled Miao Yanyan back from the gate of hell: after 5 plasma exchanges in the ICU, Miao Yanyan was reborn.

Miao Yanyan checks the quality of jujubes in his own jujube garden.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Waking up from a coma and learning about the fundraising, Miao Yanyan on the hospital bed only said one sentence: “I must pay back the money.”

For a young man suffering from myasthenia gravis, recovering from a serious illness, and even unable to speak clearly, returning the money is easier said than done! How to do? Miao Yanyan chose to get up from the hospital bed, start a business, and sell agricultural products through the Internet.

Only 4 days after being discharged from the hospital, Miao Yanyan, who returned home, forgot his physical weakness, and started a new entrepreneurial life. Hotan jujube, apple, cantaloupe, fragrant pear, sea buckthorn, camel milk, quilt… She actively sells them through WeChat Moments and Taobao stores. Even while lying on the hospital bed, she is constantly busy updating advertisements, editing materials, and processing orders. Every day, she can post more than a dozen messages in the circle of friends.

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“For a box of fruit, selling it to an agent can make three yuan, and selling it to a customer can make ten to twenty yuan.” Miao Yanyan firmly believes that with such three yuan, ten yuan, and twenty yuan, if you save it little by little, you can always get close. Target. In order to pay back the money faster, she also went to work in Urumqi alone, saving every penny she saved.

August 9, 2021, is a day that Miao Yanyan will always remember in his life. On that day, she credited 126,482 yuan into the account of the platform company that initiated the fundraising, and returned it to the 3,565 kind people who helped him.

On that day, she wrote this sentence in the circle of friends: “Returning the donation is my courage to face life, and leaving goodwill is the foundation of my strong life. Donations can be refunded, but kindness and love will never be repaid.”

The matter of the refund was soon seen in the media, and the topic of “a seriously ill girl saves 120,000 yuan in 2 years to refund the donor” rushed to the hot search. Netizens praised this self-improving girl one after another. Some people called her an “amazing girl from Xinjiang” and called her “ambitious and grateful”. More people wished her “a better and better future” and “a good person has a safe life.” .

The donation was returned, and I felt relieved. But the love for life and the dedication to life have always been tumbling and rising in Miao Yanyan’s heart.

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“I want to find a way to become the light and hope of my patients, and to pass on the love that everyone has given me.” Miao Yanyan told reporters that media reports had made her “out of the circle”, but she could not use sympathy to do so. Business, because “entrepreneurship still depends on products and services to speak.”

Today, this self-proclaimed “smelly cold girl” puts on delicate makeup, wears beautiful clothes, and shoots beautiful videos every day. While traveling around to see a doctor, she also takes care of online entrepreneurship. She also registered two trademarks, “Jin Yue” and “Hero Tree”, so that the jujube and sea buckthorn of Tuanchang can enter more ordinary people’s homes.

[Strugglers are youthful front-line stories]Miao Yanyan: Live a wonderful life with the sun in your heart

Scan the micro video to see the first-line story

Miao Yanyan told reporters that she likes “Jin” the most, which is a gentle and beautiful jade. To this end, she changed her WeChat name to “Jin Rong”, reminding herself to be a person with moral character and mind.

In addition to his expectations for improvement in his condition, Miao Yanyan is full of longing for life. “As long as your heart is full of sunshine, as long as you are willing to work hard with your hands, the days will bloom with sunshine.” Speaking of the future, Miao Yanyan smiled like a flower.

“Guangming Daily” (September 25, 2022 01 edition)

责编:田媛 ]

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