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Svartkonst – May The Night Fall – Album Review

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Svartkonst – May The Night Fall – Album Review

Svartkonst – May The Night Fall
Origin: Sweden
Release: 29.09.2023
Label: Trust No One Recordings
Duration: 43:09
Genre: Blackened Death Metal

The Swedish solo project Black art by multi-instrumentalist Richard Törnqvist is getting ready, with May The Night Fall to unleash his third studio album on the masses. After the band has already caused a stir in Sweden with their first two works – including being nominated for the Swedish Indie Grammy – the advance praise is correspondingly high. The only question is whether these can be done justice.

And in fact, the album doesn’t want to pander to the overproduced and overproduced Blackened Death Metal that has now almost become mainstream, but rather comes across as pretty old school. The classic death metal influences are much more prominent than is the case with many comparable genre representatives. Be it the opener, for example Haunt Mewhich impresses with very thrashy drum beats that dissolve with classic black metal riffs, or the almost three-minute instrumental Spectral Mirrorwhich, on the other hand, seems doomier and melancholic.

Everything was better before

Also the driving one Straight to the Grave Its presentation is more reminiscent of modern representatives of blackened death metal, but thanks to the production it retains a certain charm that only the death metal classics of past decades can achieve. Endless Darkthat you HERE can listen to scores with classic black metal songwriting. The title track May the Night Fall alternates between quiet bass passages in which the guitar takes a back seat and rock-hard blast parts, which can be symbolic of the entire album. A varied album that not only aims to get the physical maximum out of the instruments, but also really wants to impress with skillful melodies.

Svartkonst are also open May The Night Fall delivered very neatly. The well thought-out songwriting, the variety between and during the songs, as well as the production in the old school death metal style are convincing. Definitely worth a look or two for fans of the genre. 7,5 / 10

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Line Up
Rickard Törnqvist – Vocals, Guitar, Bass

01. Haunt Me
02. Breath of Satan
03. Straight to the Grave
04. Endless Dark
05. Spectral Mirror
06. Crooked Horns
07. Filth Worship
08. Concrete and Steel
09. May the Night Fall
10. Crown of Dead Flowers

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Bandcamp Black Art

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