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The 4 new WhatsApp features that will arrive and can change the application

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WhatsApp is working on a major update for 2023 and is heading in the incorporation of new functionalities to the messaging service for its users. Some of the new features will forever change the app.

Besides, WhatsApp also added a way to use ChatGPT to get smart responses from your account.

Edit WhatsApp messages

Las First WhatsApp tests to edit sent messages date back to 2016, which led to the “Delete for everyone” option. Currently, the company prepares the function to modify the text previously sent, to correct errors of any kind.

If this feature is finally released, a maximum time of 15 minutes is expected to edit the messages, and that an “Edited” notice appears next to themso that everyone is aware that there were changes.

The new function that allows you to earn money with the states

The function WhatsApp Business “Boost Status”, which is currently in beta for iOS devices, allows users to share their stories on other social networks in a similar way to banner ads on Instagram stories. This allows them to reach a larger audience and establish faster contact with their potential customers.

It is expected that the feature will soon be available to all users of the platform belonging to Meta.

Audio messages that are deleted after listening to them

As reported by WABetaInfo, the application’s news site, highlights a update in the sending and receiving of audio messages that will allow the message to be deleted after it is heard by the person who receives it. This complements the privacy and security proposal of the servicewhich already offers this ephemeral condition to photos and videos.

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Newsletter mode

The Newsletter feature would still be in an early stage of its development and could take months to be fully implemented. However, it advances in the line created with “Communities”, the feature launched to improve the organization and transmission of information, providing the possibility of gathering in the same space conversation groups that revolve around common themes and interests.

However, These have limitations on the number of chats and users, and the contact number does not remain hidden. These Newsletters will be found dEnter the WhatsApp States tab, in their own category, and they will appear in chronological order as they are published by their creators. The tool is under development.

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