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The animated film “Towards the Brighter Side” reveals that the “Watching Innocence” poster is about to open in 40 cities across the country-qianlong.com.cn

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Source Title: The animated film “Towards the Brighter Side” exposes the “Watching Innocence” poster in 40 cities nationwide and will start soon

Recently, the animated film “Towards the Bright Side” directed by seven directors, Lan Qianya, Li Nianze, Zhao Yi, Yu Kun, Liu Gaoxiang, Liu Maoning, and Chen Chen, produced by Gu Chen and Zhu Yantong, released the “Watching Innocence” poster. And announced the opening of the screening on January 3. As a work that condenses the sincerity of the Chinese people’s “love and beauty”, the film “Towards Brightness” is adapted from seven original picture books, achieving a high degree of unification of artistry, entertainment and commerciality. The film will be screened warmly on January 15th, focusing on the lives of ordinary people. It will convey the “stamina” that directly hits the hearts of the people through the seemingly ordinary but gleaming daily fragments through different styles of painting.

“Childhood Treasures” beyond the age limit “Chinese stories” rooted in the footsteps

The poster released this time, with simple brushstrokes, outlines the joy of a child peeking at toys and food through the window. The “eyebrow” state captured seems to be a true portrayal of our childhood. The large area of ​​blank space in the picture also brings endless aftertaste space: maybe in the world of children, as long as there are toys and delicacies in mind, the whole world seems to disappear. The movie “Towards Brightness” is adapted from a picture book, but it goes beyond the age limit of a picture book. Children can appreciate the love and beauty that belong to the Chinese, and adults can also see all kinds of tastes about life. This wonderful feeling gave the audience of the film a wider age group.

The film tells the story of China and inherits Chinese culture. Whether it is the techniques of ink and wash, paper-cutting, or the dialects, iconic buildings, myths and legends of various places in the film, they all have a strong Chinese mark on the film. In addition, the charm of the film lies in the fact that it is an animated cartoon, but it has a strong sense of reality. The lens is aimed at the kind feedback of people returning at night in the city, the spiritual reconstruction of children disabled by the earthquake, and the fireworks of outsiders living in the city. Chi, to show the age and life we ​​live in. The film tells the children that life is not only beautiful, but also helpless and difficult, which are all worthy of savoring and empathy.

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The three major picture book galleries launched the new year to show 40 cities across the country and took the lead in opening the moving storm

Following the announcement of the film’s finalization, Yi Beizi, You Bei, and Old John’s three picture book museums announced that they would launch the “New Year’s Healing Party” on January 3 in the name of love. By then, they will invite movie fans to watch the movie “Towards the Brighter” in 40 cities across the country. I believe that the film will allow the audience to calm down to appreciate the tenderness of the heart, appreciate the diversity of life, appreciate the ordinary glimmer of current life, appreciate the hope of immortality in perseverance, and appreciate the song of eternal love and beauty. Feel the moving storm of this childhood treasure to your heart’s content.

Light up childhood, shine for love! The movie “Towards the Brighter Side” takes love as the axis and tells “my childhood and me” from different perspectives. As the film has been shown successively, it has also received a lot of praise from fans. “Surprise,” “cure”, and “moved” have become the high-frequency vocabulary of the film’s reputation. The love between parents, people and nature, the love between generations, the relationship between neighbors, and the love between brothers and feet described in the film are universal. Something that has been ignored by everyone for a long time shines on the screen and makes our hearts. Illuminated by the power of warmth and healing, it evokes the deepest emotional resonance in the hearts of all people about childhood.

The animated film “Towards the Brighter Side” is produced by Shanghai Benlai Films Co., Ltd., Shanghai Soybean Network Technology Co., Ltd., Youyang (Tianjin) Animation Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Kaisheng Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Sanwu Ho (Xiamen) Technology Produced by Education Co., Ltd. The film has been jointly recommended by Fan Deng and Uncle Kai. Let us realize the “childhood meeting” with our children on January 15th!

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