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The anti-K PJ awaits the definitions of the FdT and JxC

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The anti-K PJ awaits the definitions of the FdT and JxC

Waiting for the two great coalitions to settle down, Juan Schiaretti and Juan Manuel Urtubey walk and campaign without much fanfare with the aim of competing in a STEP that outlines an anti-crack front.

With this premise, the governor of Córdoba winks at sectors of the PRO (specifically Horacio Rodríguez Larreta) to come together in a “front of fronts”; Urtubey, for his part, launched a mime this week at La Cámpora by praising Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro.

In Córdoba they explain that the mayor of Buenos Aires measures very badly in the Mediterranean province. That is why the Gringo, cunningly, tightens the JxC assembly. One of his last movements was to propose an agreement regarding the state policies of the “anti-grieta” candidates that would allow them to come together in a coalition government. In Urtubey’s environment they also believe that dialogue will be essential.

Schiaretti was this week in Mar del Plata together with Mayor Guillermo Montenegro. The first landing after making his candidacy official in PBA. The most significant data was the presence of Florencio Randazzo. Although the ex-minister’s environment rejects any speculation regarding candidacies, the deputy is the main owner in the Buenos Aires territory for the man from Cordoba.

Randazzo set up meetings with leaders and approached referents. The other mainstay is the Lavagnista leg, with Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez at the helm.

Designated for campaign manager was Diego Bossio. “God is everywhere, but he attends to Buenos Aires,” they reason to explain the designation.

Schiaretti will be at the AMBA next week (his idea is to have an activity at least once a week), although he has not yet defined where.

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For his part, Urtubey wants his candidate to be Graciela Camaño in PBA but at the moment the deputy does not want to. This does not prevent the party seal led by Camaño, Third Position, from contributing territorial structure to the candidacy of the Salteño.

For now there are no definitions regarding names but as PROFILE was able to learn, the ex-governor is looking for a person for vice who has weight in the AMBA. The federal stamp on the formula is guaranteed with his presence.

In the calculations, they understand that they will be able to add “wounded” after the closure of the fronts (June 14). Urtubey will be this week in Rosario and Mendoza.

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