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The First National Road Show of “Enthusiasm” Ignites Dreams in Zhengzhou: Huang Bo and Wang Yibo Inspire Audiences

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The First National Road Show of “Enthusiasm” Ignites Dreams in Zhengzhou: Huang Bo and Wang Yibo Inspire Audiences

Title: “Enthusiasm: A Heartwarming Movie Inspires Audience in Zhengzhou”

By Hu Chunna, Henan Daily Client Reporter

In an exciting event, the highly anticipated movie “Enthusiasm” held its first national road show in Zhengzhou, igniting the dreams of its viewers. The road show featured the presence of Director Dapeng, lead star Huang Bo, and friendly star Zhang Youwei, who surprised the audience with their enthusiastic interaction at Dennis Studios on Oscar Nautical Road.

During the screening, the audience embarked on a 124-minute journey alongside Ding Lei (played by Huang Bo) and Chen Shuo (played by Wang Yibo) as they relentlessly pursued their dreams. With their unwavering dedication and determination, the characters served as a poignant reminder that a dream in one’s heart has the power to flourish even in the harshest of circumstances. The audience was deeply moved by the story, with many shedding tears of excitement. Thunderous applause filled the cinema as the credits rolled, and the audience found it difficult to leave the theater.

Director Dapeng described the movie as a story about love, emphasizing that everyone has their own unique love story. He hoped that viewers would find resonance in the movie, just like Ding Lei, who faces numerous challenges while pursuing his dreams. Local audiences were captivated by the film and expressed their admiration, exclaiming in the Henan dialect, “”Hot” is Chinese!”

Lead actor Huang Bo revealed that the movie held personal significance for him, stating that it mirrored many aspects of his early life. As someone who transitioned from being a dance coach to an actor, Huang Bo’s passion and dedication for his career remained steadfast throughout his journey. His personal connection to the film infused his performance with even more depth and emotion.

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A young audience member shared his thoughts after watching “Enthusiasm,” believing that enthusiasm is not limited to youth. The film depicts how enthusiasm encompasses people of all ages, including confused and ignorant teenagers who believe they can conquer the world, the unwavering determination of a group of individuals, the strength of a mother, and the infectious power of love. In a heartwarming moment, friends who danced with Zhang Youwei many years ago joined Huang Bo and the rest of the cast to dance together, showcasing that enthusiasm knows no boundaries.

“Enthusiasm” had a successful pre-sale on July 20, surpassing 80 million yuan. The film has garnered positive word-of-mouth and box office numbers, with Tao Piao Piao and Maoyan giving it a score of 9.7.

Mark your calendars, as “Enthusiasm” will be released nationwide on July 28. This summer, prepare to indulge in a comedy movie that delivers laughter, warmth, and sparks of inspiration.

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