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The First Road Show of the Movie ‘Enthusiasm’ Ignites Zhengzhou: Huang Bo and Wang Yibo’s Summer Film Keeps Chasing Dreams

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The First Road Show of the Movie ‘Enthusiasm’ Ignites Zhengzhou: Huang Bo and Wang Yibo’s Summer Film Keeps Chasing Dreams

The First Road Show of the Movie “Enthusiasm” Ignited Zhengzhou Huangbo Wang Yibo’s Summer File and Kept Chasing Dreams

On July 24th, the movie “Enthusiasm” held its first national road show in Zhengzhou, Henan. Directed by Dapeng and written by Su Biao and Dapeng, the film stars Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, with Liu Mintao, Yue Yunpeng, Xiaoshenyang, Zhang Zixian, Song Zuer, and many others in supporting roles. The road show at Dennis Studios on Oscar’s Navigation Road featured surprise appearances by director Dapeng, lead actor Huang Bo, and friendly actor Zhang Youwei, who interacted enthusiastically with the audience.

During the 124-minute screening, the audience was captivated by the story of Ding Lei (played by Huang Bo) and Chen Shuo (played by Wang Yibo) as they pursued their dreams with unwavering determination. The film touched the audience and moved them to tears as they witnessed the characters’ struggles and eventual success. After the screening, the audience burst into applause, reluctant to leave the cinema.

Director Dapeng shared his thoughts on the movie’s theme, emphasizing the importance of love. He stated that everyone has something they love, and this movie allows viewers to find resonance and reconnect with their passions. The local audience in Zhengzhou expressed their love for the film in their dialect, proclaiming that “Enthusiasm” is truly Chinese.

Lead actor Huang Bo revealed that the movie resonated with his own life experiences, bringing back emotions and memories. As a former dance coach turned actor, he has maintained his passion and love for his career throughout the years. His dedication and enthusiasm remain unchanged.

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The meaning of “Enthusiasm” varies for each individual, as shown by the annotations shared by the audience in Zhengzhou. One young viewer stated that enthusiasm is not limited to youth or innocence, but includes the determination to shine even in the face of confusion and challenges. The film’s enthusiastic spirit was further highlighted by a dance performance by lead actor Zhang Youwei and his friends, who danced with Huang Bo and the audience.

The movie “Enthusiasm” has garnered positive reviews and success at the box office since its pre-sale started on July 20. The pre-sale box office has already exceeded 80 million. Viewers have praised the film’s comedic elements, heartwarming moments, and sparks of inspiration. With a rating of 9.7 on platforms like Tao Piao Piao and Maoyan, the film has left a lasting impression on the audience.

Produced by various companies including Ruyi Films, Shanghai Hecheng Films, and China Film Co., “Enthusiasm” will be screened nationwide on July 28 after its successful road show. The film invites everyone to embrace their own enthusiasm and chase their dreams. Don’t miss the chance to experience this comedy filled with laughter, warmth, and inspiration.

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