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“The Legend of Jianan” continues to hit Zeng Shunxi’s expectations and wins countless praises jqknews

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Co-produced by Penguin Films, Siba Films and Youth Youjia, and starring Zeng Shunxi and Ju Jingyi, the costume inspirational drama “Jianan Chuan” continues to hit the air. The character setting of the loyal and prestigious general x Guling Jingwei princess and the high-profile protagonist lineup complement each other, making the play stand out in the environment where the appearance of the ancient puppet show is offline. The flesh-and-blood characters and fascinating plot have helped the show to continue its popularity since it was broadcast. Li Qian’s actor, Zeng Shunxi, also reignited a frenzy of netizens chasing drama by virtue of his high-fitting image and solid acting skills.

  Li Qianzhi Wu Shuangquan supports justice and defends the country

In the updated plot, Li Qian (played by Zeng Shunxi) cleverly used a trick to expose the underground bank. During the period, the princess was murdered by someone with a heart, and Li Qian, who was eager to protect his wife, began to personally teach him self-defense skills. At the time of love, Mu Anguo was caught in a bloody storm. Li Qian resolutely led the team to a decisive battle against Yongqing. The tense atmosphere made netizens call out “I was substituted in an instant and I was already nervous”, which belonged to Li Qian’s grandeur and great wisdom. Dayong reveals everything here.

In the subsequent development of the plot, the conflict between family feud and wifehood gradually emerged. How Li Qian made choices repeatedly pulled by reason and sensibility also aroused many viewers’ curiosity. The new plot requires the output of new professional skills of actors, and Zeng Shunxi will also We show Li Qian’s unexpected multiple charms.

  Zeng Shunxi’s acting skills are full of emotions and presents a full role

With the deepening of the plot of “Jianan Chuan”, related topics once dominated the screen. Many audiences got to the candy of “Ning Qian couple” and also saw the actor Zeng Shunxi’s acting progress and business maturity. At the beginning, Li Qian focused on pursuing the truth and was full of ambition; Li Qian, who tied the knot with the princess, had more responsibilities and responsibilities on his shoulders, and he was committed to self-cultivation; when the country was in danger, Li Qian was committed to the battlefield without hesitation. The changes in Li Qian’s inner world are vividly reflected in his eyes. Zeng Shunxi has conquered more audiences with his outstanding performances, won many affirmations and recognitions, and fancy Amway on various platforms continues to emerge.

Every Sunday at 20:00, I meet Zeng Shunxi in “The Legend of Jianan”. The court is ruthless and affectionate, and Gu Jia protects the country for this life.


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