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The list of snail awards at the 2nd New Era International Television Festival announced: Chen Daoming, Li Xuejian, Tang Guoqiang and other awards_CCP_TV_Works

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Original title: The second New Era International Television Festival, the list of colorful snail awards announced: Chen Daoming, Li Xuejian, Tang Guoqiang and other awards

Sohu Entertainment News (Jiang Jiamin/Text) On December 27, the winners of the National Excellent TV Series and Characters of the 2nd New Era International Television Festival · The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China were announced in Macau. “Four Generations Living Together”, “Long”, “Beijing People in New York”, “The Great Mansion Gate”, “Bright Sword”, “Soldier Assault”, “Mao Zedong”, “Ordinary World“, “Old Tavern”, “Awakening Age” 10 masterpieces of themes of different eras have won the National Outstanding TV Series Award. Chen Daoming, Li Xuejian, Lantian Ye, Tang Guoqiang, Siqin Gaowa, Song Dandan, Jiang Wenli, Zheng Xiaolong, Hu Mei, Zhang Li, Kang Honglei, Liu Jiang, Gao Mantang, Long Pingping, Jiang Wei and other 40 outstanding TV personalities won the award. Today, the Wynn Palace in Macau will host the 32nd Huading Awards·SAIC Volkswagen New Prestige Night Awards Ceremony.

Since the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the performing arts circle has produced many great classics and old dramas of virtue and art. These actors are truly good actors with both acting prowess and reputation. They have contributed countless classic works to TV dramas. Nowadays, although we are in the age of traffic, the audience still remembers the performance of the old opera bones. The veterans who won the national outstanding actors and actresses this time are all the hot and powerful actors in the circle today. They have performed wonderful roles one by one, and they are also the best guarantee of box office and ratings. The films they starred in The works are often of very high quality and have an excellent reputation.

Chen Daoming, Li Xuejian, Lantian Ye, Chen Baoguo, Lu Liangwei, Tang Guoqiang, Zhang Guangbei, Wang Jinsong, Hou Yong, He Bing; Siqin Gaowa, Song Dandan, Jiang Wenli, Yan Ni, Tian Hairong, Liu Lili, Mei Ting, Song Jia, Sarina, Yi Liyuan Won the honor of “National Excellent TV Actor” and “National Excellent TV Actress” respectively. They not only used their acting skills and reputation to deduce countless classic works, but also set an example for a new generation of actors by setting an example for the new generation of actors. Return.

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The grand finale of the “New Era International Television Festival Variegated Conch Award” is “National Excellent TV Series for the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China“. “Four Generations Living Together”, “Aspiration”, “Beijing People in New York”, “Mansion Gate”, “Bright Sword”, “Soldier Assault”, “Mao Zedong”, “Ordinary World“, “Old Tavern”, and “Awakening Age” won the awards. These dramas quickly captured a large number of audiences as soon as they aired, and caused an upsurge of “watching by young and old”, and won the mutual recognition of the market and the art. They are rare excellent dramas. TV dramas are a mirror of the times and society, as well as narrators and witnesses of the times. It reflects the aspirations of the public, the pulse of the times, and it is also the most vivid memory of the times deposited in the long river of years. Many TV dramas were smashing hits back then, but if you look at them today, you will never tire of them. A classic drama, just like old wine, always glows with an irreplaceable role under the stigma of the times. The characters created by these old and middle-aged artists are classics today, and no one can replace them. The national outstanding TV series that won this award are all classic film and television works, which have become an indelible memory of the audience.

Video records history, and works express feelings. Excellent directors dedicated themselves to creating the glory of China‘s film and television industry. They not only changed the historical outlook of Chinese film and television traditions, but also fulfilled the aspirations of Chinese filmmakers for decades and realized the synchronization of Chinese film and television with the world. In the era of reform and opening up, they entered the film world with a passion for innovation, trying to find new perspectives in each film and television drama. In their shots, there are not only magnificent historical scrolls, but at the same time the shots are aimed at ordinary people, expressing the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of ordinary people, which arouses the hearts and minds of most viewers. They use their talents to play the role of dream builders. The top ten directors who won this award are Zheng Xiaolong, Hu Mei, Zhang Li, Kang Honglei, Liu Jiang, Lin Ruwei, Wang Fulin, Guo Baochang, Zhang Yongxin and Kong Sheng.

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In the creation chain of TV dramas, the importance of screenwriters is that they are the foundation of creation. Without a script, there is no investment and stardom. Gao Mantang, Wang Liping, Long Pingping, Jiang Wei, Zhang Chenggong, Wang Xiaoping, Liu Heping, Wang Shuo, Zhu Sujin and Lan Xiaolong used their full artistic enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to create a large number of well-known classic dramas and make unremitting efforts to promote China The development of the screenwriting career. They worked hard, they deserve praise and praise.

List the works of the famous screenwriter Gao Mantang, “Choice”, “Crossing Guandong”, “Old Farmer”, “Two Family in Wenzhou”, “Frontier of Love”, “Old Chinese Medicine” and “Old Tavern”… Gao Mantang is the history of the development of TV dramas in the past 40 years. Excellent screenwriter. Zhang Chenggong is known as the screenwriter who “walks to the black” and created the three “black series” TV series “Black Ice”, “Black Hole” and “Black Mist”, with suspenseful plots, tense rhythms, and efforts to portray good characters. The tortuous mental journey is his “magic weapon” for winning. Screenwriter Jiang Wei started with “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, and each work is engraved with a deep personal imprint. “Don’t Talk to Strangers” talks about domestic violence, “Let Love Be the Master” talks about marriage and love, and “Latent” is about spy warfare. His works involve a variety of topics and are rarely repeated. Wang Liping has created many popular TV series such as “Youth Testimony”, “Nanny”, “Wrong Love for Life”, “The Beautiful Time of Daughter-in-law”, “Great Times”, “Twin Cities Life” and so on. Almost every one of them has sparked an upsurge in ratings.

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At present, Chinese film and television usher in new opportunities, a new beginning, and the future will radiate the world. I hope that more and better works will allow Chinese films and televisions to be broadcast overseas, so that Chinese culture will have a more profound impact on the international stage.

The New Era International Television Festival was organized by the 1978 Excellence Awards Group and was launched for the first time in 2019. This is the second selection event. The 1978 Excellence Award is co-organized by Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Bauhinia Magazine, World Talent Magazine, Macau Lotus Satellite TV, Macau Haojiang Daily, Chinese Magazine, China Cultural Industry Research Center, etc., China Entertainment Industry Research Institute , China Film Academy and China Urban Research Institute provide strategic support. On December 27th, the New Era International Television Festival Spotted Snail Award Ceremony will be held at the Wynn Palace in Macau, China. At that time, the winners will come to the scene to receive various honors.Return to Sohu to see more


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