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The movie “Antique Bureau Intermediate Game” ignites the Lunar New Year file

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The movie “Antique Bureau Intermediate Game” ignites the Lunar New Year file

2021-12-05 20:46:20Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network, led by Lei Jiayin, Li Xian, and Xin Zhilei, and Ge You’s special starring “Antique Bureau Middle Game” is currently in theaters. The reporter was informed that the film tells the story of Wu Zetianming’s jade Buddha head lost overseas and was found to be a counterfeit when he returned to the country. People like Wish, Medicine, Huang Yanyan, Fu Gui and others were involved in the thrilling treasure together. journey of.

The movie “Antique Game Center” is directed by Guo Zijian. It focuses on the low-key and mysterious antique circle in the 1990s. It involves three generations of Buddha’s head mystery. The legends of the rivers and lakes with thousands of faces, affection and righteousness come to life. The suspenseful adventure film type is both cool and cool, and the unique antique themes make the audience refreshing. The film presents a dazzling array of rare antiques, unheard of ancient methods, and a complicated puzzle-solving road to present the audience with the wonders of antiques, satisfying the audience’s curiosity psychology. It is a rare entertaining film in the film market this year, and it has become a new year’s watch movie. Preferred.

The film revolves around the three generations of Luopao making a wish for treasure hunting and family missions. Faced with the pressing force of medicine or the secret obstruction of the mysterious old Chaofeng, the process of solving puzzles is broken all the way. In the struggle for profit-seeking and intrigue, antiquities scams that have been in the dust for a long time have been uncovered layer by layer. The counterattack of the little characters, the car chasing and other action scenes in the film, and the suspenseful setting of “game in the game” brings the purest refreshing point to the film.

In order to present the legendary appearance of millennia antiques and satisfy the audience’s curiosity about the “antique rivers and lakes”, the film’s main creative team spent nearly two years carefully polishing the post-production and restoring the workmanship and manufacturing details of each rare object. There are as many as 3,000 design drawings in the early stage of the film, and a large number of antique props are borrowed during shooting. Sometimes even 1,500 props are used for one scene, and many rare treasures are borrowed by the film party for real shooting. Among them, the head of Mingtang Jade Buddha was made through a combination of hand-carving and 3D printing, which took 7 months to make. Director Guo Zijian revealed that “the oldest is a cultural relic from the Western Han Dynasty”.Zeng Shixiang, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press


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