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The potential of Artificial Intelligence, a support for luxury from retail to training

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The potential of Artificial Intelligence, a support for luxury from retail to training

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A driver for sustainability and training. With concrete applications already in the use or experimentation phase. Technology is a key tool through which companies in the fashion and luxury sector have managed to evolve efficiently, keeping up with consumer needs and, sometimes, managing to anticipate them.

The use of artificial intelligence is possible both to improve retail efficiency and to train employees. «AI, together with other technologies, today is a tool for speeding up and helping – explained Paolo Vannuzzi, vertical marketing manager for Top Private Customers at Tim Enterprise -. For example, it is possible to use it as sales support both through the analysis of data that can help the store manager and, thinking about generative artificial intelligence, the creation of content that involves the user”. That’s not all: «Technologies are also fundamental in terms of training – added Vannuzzi -. In this context, our immersive streaming platform can recreate the exact context of a point of sale and products and does so by relying on the infrastructure and 5G network that Tim can offer.”

When we talk about technology we inevitably think of digital business which has grown over the years. The approach, however, must be integrated: «Our role is to combine transversal skills. The technologies are often foreign but we aim to enhance the Italian approach: the aesthetic taste, the attention to detail, which is something unique and innate”, explained Alberto Arcolin, CEO of Celeste Commerce Hub, born in 2022 from the merger between FiloBlu (Gradiente Sgr) and Diana Corp. «Our strength lies in knowing how to systematize the different skills within us – underlined the manager -. We do this by sharing company methods, flows and procedures and through continuous training. The relationship with the customer, however, is based on inclusiveness and trust.”

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Innovation is also a driving force in companies’ path towards sustainability. Through a series of concrete applications also useful to the consumer. Sergio Scornavacca, Minsait industry director in Italy and CEO of Net Studio (Indra Group) explained it well, announcing Minsait’s agreement with Circular to develop a Sustainable Product Declaration proposal at the Luxury Summit 2024: «With this project we provide a differentiated aspect to brands and we put all the information about the product in the hands of the consumer, so that he can decide responsibly. Neural networks will allow sustainable design, and to monitor and update the impacts on the entire life cycle of the product, as well as any variations and improvements in the design, production, marketing and use phases.”

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