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The Squid Game in Minecraft: 100,000 USD for the winner

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The Squid Game in Minecraft: 100,000 USD for the winner

The creativity of streaming content It never ceases to amaze us: with the Kings League, its innovative rules and its resounding success; the subathons that break all kinds of records; streamers like Momo Benavides who broadcast live from unexpected places like Auschwitz or Antarctica.

On this occasion, Two monsters of the networks, the media and gaming came together: Minecraft and the Squid Game. 200 content creators from all over the world participated in the second edition of this great virtual event. Ibai Llanos and Grefg, the two highest Spanish-speaking references, played and broadcast live. The game in total lasted 6 days, and the final was between Shadoune and SapNap, which ended up keeping the $100,000.


Spreen, the most watched Argentine streamer to date, was also part of the Squid Craft Games. The winner of the streamer of the year 2022 at the Coscu Army Awards broke a record that had not been achieved for a long time. The fourth day of the Minecraft event brought something historic for Twitch in Latin America: a golden minute with 441,606 spectatorswhere he beat out Coscu and his peak audience of 425,000 people at the 2020 Awards.


As figures like Ibai, TheGrefg, Auronplay, Spreen, and many more are involved, it was expected that the numbers would be positive. The one who led the Spanish-speaking ranking on Sunday on Twitch was Shadoune, a French streamer who created a large community and showed more than 700 thousand people live yesterday. Auron followed, with a peak audience of 366,000 viewers simultaneously. Ibai and Rubius had 98 thousand and 208 thousand respectively. If we add up all the content creators, the event reached 1,400,000 people.

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The event started on February 28 and ended yesterday, March 5. Let’s remember that the theme of the Squid Game series was that the participants were eliminated, and only 2 reached the final. One of them was Shadowune, and that explains that amount of audience on his channel. Although Rubius has a very important flow of people, it was more tempting to see Shadowune or SapNap, who were the ones who were fighting for the 100,000 USD. The finale, as in the series, was the Squid Game, a popular South Korean game for boys and girls.

Watch the outcome of the event:

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