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The style of painting is lively, and the young expression of fresh comedy is becoming more and more important.

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The comedy variety show “Annual Comedy Competition” has recently started broadcasting. The non-traditional program form and the rich and diverse performance types have brought people a refreshing experience. Many people said they were as pleasant as seeing “Le Xia” for the first time, a young expression of comedy. Increasingly important, many programs are walking on the road of innovation and innovation.

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“Le Xia” has a sense of sight

“Annual Comedy Competition” adopts the form of competitive performances, allowing 25 groups of young comedians to use different themed units to design and perform their works to showcase original comedy works. The display of the core content of the program mainly relies on newcomers who are not familiar to the audience, and the attraction is naturally insufficient. Therefore, the program team has made great efforts in the lineup of judges. The judge seat was renamed the organizing committee. Bo, Yu Hewei, and Li Dan served as the presidents of the four presidents, which allowed the show’s comedy weight to increase linearly. Even if the performance of the newcomers was not watched, the four presidents would be worth seeing each other.

At the beginning of the show, Ma Dong came to the stage to prepare the stage, eliciting the appearance order of several big coffees, directly throwing out the concerns about the status of the coffee, fan, and entertainment circle, allowing the audience to decide who will appear first. It is said that the strokes of the first alphabetical order and surname are used. Some people suggested to play according to the amount of hair, and finally decided to let “Xu Zheng with less hair come out first”, and the comedy effect was directly full; after Xu Zheng came on stage, he talked about a joke that he had less hair in college. , This kind of “comedy big coffee is not funny at all” effect, instantly heated up the scene; then it attracted several other guests with the “lowest value” and “longest face” to play, supporting a full comedy atmosphere .

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“Annual Comedy Competition” has the visual sense of “Le Xia”, unique dynamic illustrations and bold complaints in visual effects, and likes to “make things” like Le Xia. For example, there are no name strips on the five seats of the judges. Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, and Li Dan took the lead to sit next to each other. Yu Hewei, who was in the first variety show, was forced to C position. The panicked look was very funny. It satirizes the battle for position in the entertainment industry.

There are many dark horses in the field of comedy in recent years. For example, the “Jin Ying combination” composed of Jin Jing and Liu Shengying. As early as 2016, the two performed in “Tonight’s Paramount”, the two “airport trainers” The series still seems funny so far; Wang Zi and Wu Liuqi are two mime actors who are used to performing comedy performances with ventriloquist, props and flexible body movements. Wang Zi also won the best individual performance award at the Wuzhen Drama Festival; others Among the contestants are short video blogger Dunzhu and Mancai duo Fat Daren who became popular because of imitating idol drafts.

In the pre-match cheering session, the five judges directly staged the “puff and kill”, deliberately calling Jin Jing “the best female comedian in China at the moment” and Wang Zi the “best comedian”; Li Dan went the other way. In practice, the words “start early and finish early” and “eliminate early and go home early” are not common in other shows.

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“New new” comedy

“New new” people

The first work of the show is a sketch comedy called “Internet Physical Examination”, which was performed by the temporary partner “Haha and Ha”. Jiang Shimeng in the combination has performed comedy for nearly ten years. This year he also won CCTV’s “Gold Medal Comedy Class”. “Champion of “, and Liu Siwei is an actor who has performed thousands of times in Happy Twist. In the performance, the protagonist is an applicant who only wants to do an induction medical examination. Just when he arrived at the front desk of the medical examination center, he experienced a face recognition, instantaneous exposure of his height, weight, and bank card password to the “big data” chaos. He also experienced Internet phenomena such as membership-free advertisements, web pop-up advertisements, advanced on-demand video sites, and exaggerated live broadcasts during physical examinations such as blood draws and chest X-rays. It makes people laugh and laugh. The program broadcast platform iQiyi is one of the previous “advanced on-demand” platforms. Ma Dong also muttered in the program: “Whether this work can be broadcast on iQiyi is still a question.”

“Internet Physical Examination” is similar to the sketches most familiar to the audience, but the content of the program directly hits the current emerging phenomena and pain points. The topic is bold and the performance is exaggerated. It can directly poke the laughter of young people and arouse the audience’s resonance. “Annual Comedy Competition” also brings many new vocabulary. For example, the show is mainly “sketch comedy”, which combines manga, mime, musical, object drama, one-man show and other forms. Contestant Jiang Shimeng explains sketch comedy Compared with the traditional sketches, it is more “short, flat and fast”, playing the same thing three times, but each time it has to be upgraded, the difficulty becomes more and more difficult, and it becomes more and more funny.

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Nowadays, when people talk about comedy shows, they mostly think of emerging shows such as “Talk Show Conference” and “Tucao Conference”, or comedy variety shows such as “Gold Comedy Class” and “Happy Comedian”. It is difficult to reproduce the brilliance of the sketch. Even Deyun Club, which is well-known for its traditional cross talk, has taken the “idolization” route. CP and Tuanzong are very enjoyable, and the eclectic approach can also trigger a bit of joy.

Seeing the young faces of “Annual Comedy Competition” reminds us of the former “Laughing Conference Room”, which was also created by a group of young people at the time. The close-up hilarious skit created by comedians such as Zhang Zidong, Xiu Rui, Zhang Yiming, etc. All the rage. The comedy works and comedy genres of “Annual Comedy Contest” have been updated, and they are quite popular in the Internet at that time. I look forward to more outstanding comedy works in the show.


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