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The Wild Growth of Short Dramas: A Look at Popularity, Profit, and Regulation

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Short Dramas Gain Popularity During Spring Festival, Ignite Enthusiasm of Capital Market

This Spring Festival, the online world has been flooded with a wave of short dramas, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. From “My Dearest” to “Mr. Li, You Got the Wrong Wife” and “I Was a Stepmother in the 1980s”, these short plays have been dominating social media platforms such as Douyin and Weibo.

One of the most popular short dramas, “Mr. Li, You Got the Wrong Wife”, has ranked first on the short drama hot list for many days in a row, accumulating a heat value of 35.6 million in just one week. This success reflects the massive popularity and consumption of short dramas, estimated to be around 800 million yuan during this year’s Spring Festival.

The popularity of these short dramas has also ignited the enthusiasm of the domestic capital market. Numerous internet companies and listed companies have entered the short drama track, aiming to capitalize on the trend. Companies such as Chinese Online, Zhangyue Technology, Guomai Culture, Perfect World, Tianwei Video, and Haikan Holdings are actively exploring the short drama business, recognizing the potential for profitability in this rapidly growing industry.

The appeal of short dramas lies in their compact plots and engaging “cool points” that resonate with today’s fast-paced life. Viewers, especially the younger generation, have expressed their enthusiasm for short dramas due to their quick progression and compelling narratives.

Despite its wild growth, the short drama industry is in need of regulation. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has issued a regulatory notice to manage online micro-short dramas, aiming to refine creation, production, and content review measures. This move comes in response to the industry’s homogeneous themes, rough production, and excessive pursuit of traffic, which are seen as thorny issues that need to be addressed.

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While the short drama industry presents significant opportunities, there is still a need for standardization and quality control. As the industry continues to expand, it will be essential to uphold content standards and ensure the professionalism of production teams to maintain the integrity and appeal of short dramas.

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