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These are the four presenters of De Warmste Week in Bruges

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This year, The Warmest Week will be presented by four well-known radio faces: Robin Keyaert, Sam De Bruyn, Sander Gillis and Eva De Roo. The VRT announced this. The week starts on Monday, December 18.

Monday, December 4, 2023 at 7:43 AM

This year the Warmest Week is all about “growing up without worries”. From Monday 18 to Sunday 24 December, the four presenters will play requested records and hold discussions with the organizers of all kinds of actions around that theme in ‘t Zand in Bruges.

“They are also opening the door of Het Warmste Huis for Niels Destadsbader,” said the VRT. “Every evening he bundles the daily highlights of De Warmste Week in a live show on VRT 1 and VRT MAX. On Monday, December 18 at 4 p.m., Niels will light the flame during the starting moment and on Christmas Eve he will present the final show, the traditional highlight of De Warmste Week.”

There is more to experience than that. In Het Warmste Dorp, Maureen Vanherberghen, together with other VRT faces, receives activists who want to share their stories. Every day, Ketnet wrapper Sarah Mouhamou puts on her baking apron for De Warmste Koekenbak. Together with famous guests such as Coely, Linde Merckpoel and Jeroom, she bakes the tastiest cookies in the country at the Baking Stage in Bruges. At the end of each day there are also free performances, including Clouseau, Zwangere Guy, ‘t Hof Van Commerce, Pommelien Thijs and Brihang.

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