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They made my week

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They made my week

01 A cozy shirt and a cat
02 Uniqlo’s essential bag is getting ready for spring
03 The magazines call this trend ‘soap-colored nails’ and suddenly I’m considering going back to nail polish (the picture is from here and the nail polish is probably that)
04 This is not a recommendation to be weighed or a recommendation not to be weighed, but for the benefit of those who keep a scale at home: we found a nice scale
05 Pointel tops and bottoms at the jw anderson show. For those who feel nostalgic: here’s a long-sleeve version at Marks & Spencer
06 Very nice, meet: a brand new Dermalogica product has landed in Israel after a long wait – stabilizing repair cream. It belongs to my favorite family of ultra calming products, and its purpose in life: to strengthen the natural protective layer and reduce redness and irritation (common and irritating winter symptoms). Its advantages: both immediately relieves the existing condition and strengthens the skin’s protection in preparation for future confrontation. Due to its seriousness and functionality, it was recognized by the national eczema organization in the USA and is suitable for all family members who have irritated skin, atopic, seborrhea and all the rest.
From my experience (landed with me about two weeks ago): my natural tendency is towards lighter creams, but in light of my skin condition and in light of the fact that the new cream just works, until the end of winter (at least) I’m with it.
In honor of the launch: 10% discount with the code Shelly10 until Saturday 2/24 at midnight. The code will work on the entire site, and whoever buys more than NIS 350 will receive the calm water gel cream (the one I can’t live without) in size 7 ml as a gift.

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Patience is also a form of action
(It was August Rodin. patience is my word for 2024)

like a shining sun,
like a shadow that falls
Come and show you a place
where you can still breathe.
(From the poem We all need the grace of Natan Zach. come and show you Place It is also the name of the exhibition curated by the Bar-Gil Foundation and displayed in its gallery)

The strongest of all warriors are these two — Time and Patience
Lev Tolstoy, War and Peace

Patience is already paying off: a fast car version of the Grammys has been uploaded to YouTube

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