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They thought he had suffered a heart attack and it was a homicide: they investigate a death in a country

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They thought he had suffered a heart attack and it was a homicide: they investigate a death in a country

A man died in his house located within the La Delfina country, in the Buenos Aires city of Pilar. His body was found last Friday and, at first, investigators assumed he had suffered a heart attack, even though the victim had blood on his hands and face. An autopsy was performed on Saturday, which confirmed that Roberto Eduardo Wolfenson Band had been strangled.

The 71-year-old man’s last connection to WhatsApp was at 2:30 p.m., so it is believed that his death occurred between that time and 5 p.m., when his piano teacher arrived. Although he lived with his wife, Wolfenson Band was alone, so upon arriving, the professor waited for the door to be opened, without success. In that scenario, he notified the country’s security personnel, who contacted the victim’s wife, who decided to return home. Over there They found him on the floor of a room and they called the police.

Investigators ruled out robbery as a motive for the homicide.

Experts from the Scientific Police checked the body that was face up and verified that I had bruises on my face.. At first it was considered that he could have had a heart attack and that the blows could have been a consequence of the fall, but An autopsy was performed on Saturday morning, which confirmed that Wolfenson Band had been strangled. As reported The nationthe researchers They ruled out the hypothesis of robbery as a motive of the homicide and the case is in charge of the Pilar prosecutor, Andrés Quintana.

They killed the owner of one of the most important properties in Punta del Este

A homicide has revolutionized Uruguay, more precisely the city of Punta del Este. In the early hours of this Monday, Gonzalo Aguiar, owner of one of the most prominent properties in the area, “La Maison”, was murdered. The 46-year-old man was found seriously injured by the Maldonado Police with a gunshot wound to the chest. However, he later died due to hypoglycemic shock. So far this day, His ex-partner confessed to the crime and was arrested.

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According to what was found out and the official sources close to the crime, they maintain that The emergency service received an alert around 4 in the morningreporting that a man was trying to enter the aforementioned residence on San Pablo Street, while forcing the door.

They killed him to steal what he charged for an iris scan

“Quickly, personnel from the High Operational Dedication Program (PADO), Metropolitan Patrol Response Units (URPM) and Investigations from Operational Zone II attended and confirmed that there was a male wounded by a firearm at chest level“, police spokespersons told the different local and Argentine media. The medical emergency service confirmed the death of Araujo, who died of “hypoglycemic shock”police sources detailed to this medium.

The complainant, a 26-year-old woman who had been the victim’s ex-partner, confessed to the crime before the investigators after a few hours of silence. According to the local newspaper The countrythe woman, with whom the victim I had a child seven months ago.reported that he took his 9 mm caliber automatic pistol, which was duly registered, and shot him in the chest after an argument.


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