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Trend alert: 16 kitchens in shades of green to play with

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Trend alert: 16 kitchens in shades of green to play with

Democratic, welcoming and, depending on the tone chosen, eye-catching! Green serves a multitude of audiences and, no wonder, it is one of the most popular colors in decoration. Every now and then he is the protagonist of some trend. Now, it’s the turn of the kitchens in green tones become an object of desire!

This time, those who point to color as an attraction for kitchens are the Pinterest Predicts 2024, report from the image platform beloved by decor lovers.

And if you already like the idea, check out 16 eye-popping inspirations below. Happy transformation!

Kitchens in green tones

Kitchen designed by architect Hana Lerner (Andre Nazareth/Disclosure)

1) The kitchen designed by architect Hana Lerner was designed to be functional and pleasant. Green joinery brings natural elements to the environment, freshness and a feeling of connection with the outside world.

Kitchen designed by Estúdio Minke (Maura Mello/Disclosure)

2) It’s not just green that reigns in the colorful kitchen designed by Estúdio Minke. But he is the one who welcomes everyone who enters the space, as he is present in the flexible door that connects the room to the living and dining room. The color also continues through the woodwork and on the half wall in the background.

Kitchen designed by architect Natalia Salla (Estúdio 360/Disclosure)

3) This 49 m² apartment above, located in Pinheiros, São Paulo, underwent a complete renovation carried out by architect Natalia Salla. The interior design project sought to enhance spaces and create a cozy and modern atmosphere.

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One of the most striking choices was the color palette, which brought the green of nature to the kitchen and entrance, contrasting with the light wood of the furniture and floor. The result is a harmonious, functional environment full of personality.

Kitchen designed by architect Ricardo Abreu (Renato Navarro/Disclosure)

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4) In the kitchen designed by architect Ricardo Abreu the green is present in the joinery and leaks onto the side wall. Fun solution! The selection of signed furniture includes the classic U dining table, by Jacqueline Terpins, and chairs by Geraldo de Barros.

Kitchen designed by architect Vivian Reimers (Paulo Rosas/Disclosure)

5) In this project by architect Vivian Reimers, the kitchen gained great prominence. For residents, it is the heart of the house and, therefore, it was integrated into the room. The color palette features a light green tone as the protagonist. The color highlights the white of the upper modules and countertops and the Estremoz marble floor.

Kitchen designed by architect Rafael Mirza (Dhani Borges/Disclosure)

6) This kitchen was designed to bring life to the property. The resident asked the architect Rafael Mirza, responsible for the project, for the kitchen to have a highlight of the rest of the apartment, which has neutral tones. To achieve this, Rafael created a space in which the carpentry is highlighted thanks to the chosen greenery.

Kitchen designed by architect Nildo José (Fran Parente/Disclosure)

7) Architect Nildo José designed an urban refuge for this kitchen. “To reinforce the scenery and all the green immensity that permeates the city of São Paulo, we brought the kitchen as a large leaf green box”, explains the professional.

Continues after advertising Kitchen designed by architect Beatriz Quinelato (Rafael Renzo/Disclosure)

8) A home with a bucolic atmosphere and an air of farm house. This was the mission of architect Beatriz Quinelato in this project. Here, the carpentry incorporates appliances such as the two refrigerators and the dishwasher. The objective was to guarantee the unity of the space, with the presence of wood for heat, white for countertops and green to bring hump.

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Kitchen designed by KAS ARQ (Carolina Lacaz/Disclosure)

9) For the kitchen designed by the architectural firm KAS ARQ, in partnership with the architect Daniela Garcia, the tom verde-pistachio was chosen from the floor color palettecreating a visual union between the hydraulic tile and the joinery.

Kitchen designed by Estúdio Pluri (João Friederichs/Disclosure)

10) The resident’s request was for a green kitchen. And Estúdio Pluri answered! Therefore, the professionals opted for neutral materials to let the green have all the prominence. White quartz countertops, white subway tile backsplash and porcelain flooring. To make the environment more welcoming, the freijó carpentry and furniture were chosen.

Kitchen designed by architect Deborah Roig (Luis Gomes/Disclosure)

11) The kitchen, inspired by Tuscany, stands out for its mint green joinery, from Ornare. Elements such as the farmhouse sink and hydraulic tiles reinforce the traditional atmosphere, while the innovative approach of architect Deborah Roig, who signed the project, provides a contemporary interpretation of the environment, combining detailed finishes and light textures.

Kitchen designed by architect Magali Puerari (Laura Sá/Disclosure)

12) For architect Magali Puerari, colors are responsible for sensations that we feel when we visualize environments. Not surprisingly, the professional chose green as the main composition point of this project. The palette continues with the champagne tone present in the accessories and the medium woody tone to create contrast in the decoration.

Continues after advertising Kitchen designed by architect Cristiane Schiavoni (Rafael Renzo/Disclosure)

13) Inspired by fresh mint leavesthe kitchen above designed by architect Cristiane Schiavoni received a special touch of vitality with the mint green furniture.

Kitchen designed by Leroy Merlin (Leroy Merlin/Disclosure)

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14) O simplified design, on the rise in decoration, was chosen for the environment designed by Leroy Merlin. The chosen green tone creates a feeling of coziness and, together with the metals and accessories with a matte finish, highlight the personality of the kitchen.

Kitchen designed by architects Livia Dalmaso and Duda Senna (Gisele Rampazzo/Disclosure)

15) The countertops Guatemala green marble are striking in this environment designed by architects Livia Dalmaso and Duda Senna. To complement it, green lacquer joinery was chosen.

Kitchen designed by the Trópico office (Julia Ribeiro/Disclosure)

16) In this kitchen designed by the Trópico office, certainly the green hood is the biggest highlight. The solution creates a prominent focal point and is a good option for those who are afraid of coloring the entire space.

Little ones have a chance too!

Space designed by the Muskinha brand (Muskinha/Disclosure)

And since the trend is to have a green kitchen, how about coloring the playroom too? In the space designed by the Muskinha brand, the green kitchen is an undeniable playful charm.

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