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V/Haze Miasma – agenda:endure

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V/Haze Miasma – agenda:endure

(c) V/Haze Miasma

For V/Haze Miasma it’s currently going back to the start. The deal with Supreme Chaos Records comes with a look into the past. The project from the neighboring country, which was conceived as a solo project and is now realized as a band, is currently reissuing its first, somewhat lost album, accompanied by a breath of fresh air and angry extremes. „agenda:endure“ provides material for fans of extreme sounds who appreciate progressive digressions, brute violence and tangible world-weariness.

The sheer intensity of this presentation ensures rapture, and the (almost) concluding “Hazed By Miasma” sums up the magic. Death Doom meets Post Black Metal as the track picks up a bit after a plodding intro. Bittersweet melodies and brutal primal force fight what feels like an endless duel and search for the hopeful moment of redemption that comes late. Smaller caesuras and moving, emotionally charged clear singing provide stirring moments in the second half. Here the quasi-quartet breaks the action down to a doomy minimum before the final explosion destroys everything. What a sweeping blow.

“agenda:endure” achieves this magic, which is difficult to put into words, several times, although it successfully defies the sameness. The way “Hubris” puts the cart before the proverbial horse and draws strength from the instrumentalized lament takes your breath away. Classic riffing and leaden heaviness come together. On the other hand, the overly long “The One That Never Returns” skilfully works with loud-soft dynamics and constantly changing moods. This is where the calmest and angriest moments of the entire record can be found. When both worlds finally come together after more than seven minutes, everything is in vain.

What comes together on this album should not actually fit together and yet meshes together so skillfully, so seamlessly, and is impressive. Even if “agenda:endure” seems a bit indecisive in the middle part, this creative debut is more than just impressive. V/Haze Miasma skillfully juggle genres, dare to try new things and cross boundaries that shouldn’t actually exist. Lots of goosebumps and some challenges make for an exciting record from start to finish that still shines brightly even a few years after its original release. What may come next…

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: December 8th, 2023
Available via: Supreme Chaos Records (Red Flame Distribution)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VHazeMiasma

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