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Vanir – Epitome – Album Review

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Vanir – Epitome – Album Review

Habits – Epitome
Origin: Denmark
Release: 16.02.2024
Label: Mighty Music
Duration: 44:55
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Photo Credit: Natasha Dumbledear Allen

The Danish melodeath export hit Used to has always been extremely busy and productive. So it’s not surprising that… Epitome the seventh album is already being brought to the crowd. Thematically, the album is set in the Danish Middle Ages, including battles for the Danish throne.

Musically, you can probably hope for tried and tested melodeath material that takes you back to the Danish Middle Ages and the battles for the throne that prevailed at the time.

Dark Medieval Times

And the opener actually does it Twisting The Knifethat you have HERE can listen to, wanting more. After a short acoustic intro, the song booms out of the speakers with brute force and switches back and forth between blast beats, groovy mid-tempo riffs and oppressive halftimes. One Man Armythat already in advance HERE was released, on the other hand, it is generally in the medium tempo range, but has a certain earworm quality. At Wood Iron And Will The melodic aspect again comes clearly to the fore.

It’s going well…

The entire album continues to offer solid songs and a successful mix of pure violence and epic guitar melodies. Be it the fairly straight structure Blood And Gold or the groovy one Fall Of Arkonathe HERE gives a little taste of the album. With Blood Eagle you also reach into the cliché pot again with a flourish before joining in Kings Will Fall a worthy closing song is offered.

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Used to are also on Epitome not really stopping. Once again we have created an album that is absolutely worth listening to and which loses none of its charm even after several listens.
That’s what you’re here for 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Martin Rubini – Gesang
Kirk Backarach – guitar
Michael Lundquist – guitar
Mikael Christensen – Bass
Jon Elmquist Schmidt – drums
Stefan Dujardin – Keyboard

01. Twisting The Knife
02. One Man Army
03. Wood Iron And Will
04. Blood And Gold
05. Black Grethe
06. Call To Arms
07. Fall Of Arkona
08. Blood Eagle
09. Kings Will Fall

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