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Véronique De Kock hit by a car behind: “Finally recovered from the shock”

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Véronique De Kock was involved in a traffic accident in Wommelgem on Thursday. While the former Miss Belgium was waiting at the red light, the driver of another car rammed into her car. No one was seriously injured.

Friday, March 15, 2024 at 8:40 AM

Veronique De Kock shared the news herself via her Instagram page. “Finally recovered from the shock. Standing still at traffic lights, and suddenly a car behind you flies into your car at quite a speed. Fortunately I have nothing, but my machine hurts in the butt,” she writes with a photo of her dented Porsche Taycan. “It did arrive. My neck feels a bit stiff, but the car behind me is in much worse shape. The mosquito had to arrive on the spot. Hopefully not too bad,” says De Kock.

After the accident, De Kock also had to blow for an alcohol test. At first she was surprised. “But the best part, I still had to blow,” she wrote in the post on Instagram. But some followers pointed out to her that blowing after an accident is mandatory and legal. “I learned something new with this one,” she responds.

After her post on Instagram, De Kock received a lot of messages of support. “I would like to thank you very much for that. I think it’s really sweet that so many of you respond to that,” she says. “I’m still in one piece. “I have already been to the physiotherapist for my neck because it is still stiff,” he said.

The local police Minos confirms that an accident happened around 2 p.m. at the intersection of Herentalsebaan and Jozef Reusenslei, on the border of Wommelgem and Borsbeek. “The accident happened at the red traffic light. The first driver braked, but a second vehicle probably did not see that the light had turned red and drove into the vehicle in front,” says Commissioner Sven Verbaenen of the Minos police. “Both parties suffered injuries in the accident, but no one is in serious condition.”

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