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Wang Churan’s Studio Sets the Record Straight on Recent Online Controversy

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Wang Churan’s Studio Sets the Record Straight on Recent Online Controversy

Title: Wang Churan’s Studio Addresses Recent Online Controversy in Lengthy Statement

In response to the recent online controversy surrounding Chinese actor Wang Churan, her studio has released a comprehensive statement addressing various rumors and clarifying the truth behind the allegations. The studio expressed gratitude for the public’s attention and vowed to continue improving Churan’s professional abilities while urging netizens to uphold rationality and refrain from spreading or believing false information.

Wang Churan, a rising star in the entertainment industry, has been caught up in a whirlwind of controversy recently. Her studio, on her behalf, issued a lengthy statement on July 31, 2023, to address the multiple concerns that have dominated public discourse. The studio began by acknowledging the importance of public scrutiny and Churan’s commitment to self-improvement in all aspects.

The statement proceeded to refute several accusations that have attracted significant attention and set the record straight on several issues.

Clarifying the “Amateurs Are Witches” Incident:
One of the controversies revolved around an incident where Wang Churan was allegedly heard saying “amateurs are witches.” According to the studio’s statement, on July 22, 2023, during a shoot, Wang Churan and her team engaged in casual banter unrelated to a customer present at the scene. The artist was unaware of the customer’s presence, and the remark was not directed towards her. Witnesses from the film crew and shop assistants confirmed that the comment had been misconstrued, leading to the misunderstanding.

Dispelling the “Nucleic Acid Playing Big Names” Allegations:
Another allegation accused Wang Churan of flouting nucleic acid test regulations. The statement clarified that on October 7, 2022, when Wang Churan was accused of playing big names, she was actively filming and not involved in any nucleic acid test-related incidents. The studio emphasized that Churan had followed all required protocols for nucleic acid testing, as per the crew’s instructions, on October 6 and October 8. It was made explicitly clear that the individual involved in the incident was not Wang Churan.

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Refuting Rumors of Name Stealing and Role Grabs:
In addition to the above controversies, the statement dispelled rumors suggesting Wang Churan had stolen other people’s names and changed them as her own. The studio unequivocally stated that these allegations were untrue. Furthermore, the statement addressed rumors of Churan snatching roles and confirmed that such claims were entirely inconsistent with the facts. The studio emphasized that there had been no decisions made regarding Churan’s involvement in specific dramas, urging the public to disregard any false statements that suggested otherwise.

As Wang Churan climbs the ladder of success in the entertainment industry, her studio expressed gratitude for the attention she receives from audiences. They assured fans and netizens that Churan is committed to continuous improvement, learning from exceptional actors, and conducting self-reflection. Additionally, the studio urged netizens to maintain a friendly atmosphere online and refrain from spreading or believing in baseless rumors. They also highlighted their willingness to take legal action against malicious rumors. The statement concluded with a thank you for the public’s attention and directed readers to Sohu for further updates.

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