Home Entertainment Wang Feifei interprets Fairy Zixia in this issue of “Amazing!”Dance Club” can be called “Ye Qing Hui”-Qianlong Net China Capital Net

Wang Feifei interprets Fairy Zixia in this issue of “Amazing!”Dance Club” can be called “Ye Qing Hui”-Qianlong Net China Capital Net

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Wang Feifei interprets Fairy Zixia in this issue of “Amazing!”Dance Club” can be called “Ye Qing Hui”-Qianlong Net China Capital Net

Source title: Wang Feifei interprets Fairy Zixia in this issue of “Amazing! Dance Club” can be called “Ye Qing Hui”

After the constant efforts and competition of the team members, “Amazing! Dance Club” has finally reached the semi-finals. In this issue, there are not only the co-op stage of the host and the Qi dance works of special guest Wu Mochou, but also three rounds of Crew Battles of 13vs13, 5v5 and 3v3 respectively. After the stage of life and death, a dance , and eventually 14 players will advance to the finals.

The co-host of the stage pays tribute to the classic Wu Mochou and presents a surprise dance

In this issue, there will be the long-awaited co-operation stage of the host. Wang Feifei and Zando, Cheng Xiao and Li Yongqin TEN will choose to pay tribute to the classics. Cheng Xiao and Li Yongqin TEN adapted the song “A Chinese Ghost Story” to narrate the love story between ghosts and scholars with dance; Wang Feifei and Zando used “Love in a Lifetime” as the music to interpret the beautiful love between Zixia Fairy and Supreme Treasure . This time, Li Yongqin TEN and Zando have come into contact with Chinese-style dance for the first time. The combination of classic stories and hip-hop will surely bring different enjoyment to the audience.

In addition, the show welcomed a special guest for the first time – Wu Mochou. She will be one of the judges on the team stage, and she will also bring a unique 5-person dance. The fusion of various dance styles shows Wu Mochou’s different attitude on the stage. She also said that she had paid attention to the show for a long time, and was deeply impressed by Lai Weir’s entrance examination stage and Barbie’s cheongsam stage. Not only that, but she also received a special welcome from the team members. In this issue, Wu Mochou, who is full of personality, will bring a special color to the show.

Li Yongqin, TEN Zanduo, challenged the children’s voice change, and the battle scene is about to explode

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Along the way, Li Yongqin TEN and Zando’s Chinese level has been continuously improved under the witness of the audience. This week, they will usher in the “final exam”, which will challenge the Erhuayin of Beijing dialect and the highly contagious Northeastern dialect respectively. Li Yongqin TEN not only made a perfect sonification, but also composed a sultry golden sentence on the spot with “Baby”, which made the president Su Youpeng exclaim, “It’s not as skilled as the first time.” Zando knew the Northeast dialect at one point, jokingly saying that he was like rap. How their Chinese “final exam” results are only for the audience to check.

In addition to the sideshows, the real competition of the players brought the scene into a hot spot. The semi-finals adopted the familiar Crew Battle. In the same piece of music, the two teams took turns occupying the stage. In the dance, whether it was provocative movements or the players were close The face-to-face distance ignited the enthusiasm of the audience. Wu Mochou sighed with emotion, “These girls are ruthless, they are so handsome.” The team members also used unique themed dances such as “Cat Girl” to show sexy, cool, sports and other styles in turn, which made people dazzled.

There will always be a result in the game. After several rounds of competition, 14 players will eventually advance to the final. The team members have gone through trials and tests along the way. In the final sprint, they will all show the results of their hard work and present a burst of dance to the audience. In the face of another parting, the team members may become more mature. Saturday night at 8pm, “Amazing! The outpost battle of “Dance Club” officially started.

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