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Warm-hearted Drama ‘South to North’ Concludes with High Popularity and Ratings

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Warm-hearted Drama ‘South to North’ Concludes with High Popularity and Ratings

The TV series “South to North” has recently concluded with high popularity and ratings, leaving viewers with a warm-hearted narrative depicting the texture of the times. The show, which was the first film and television work co-produced by Gao Mantang and Zheng Xiaolong, starred a talented cast including Bai Jingting, Ding Yongdai, Jin Chen, and more.

Since its launch, “South to North” has seen a significant increase in ratings, word-of-mouth, and popularity. The emotional group drama followed the story of Wang Xin and Ma Kui as they navigated through love, justice, and laughter in a compound setting. The series has resonated with viewers, providing them with a sense of warm companionship during the New Year.

The show’s success was further solidified by its “20-day continuous broadcast” on both television and online platforms starting from February 6. The gripping storyline, which culminated in the arrest of a drug dealer and the tragic death of Ma Kui, left audiences on the edge of their seats.

In terms of viewership, “South to North” has achieved remarkable success. The highest peak ratings reached over 4, with the series becoming the highest-rated show on the iQiyi site. Additionally, the show garnered over 2,000 hot searches and amassed billions of views on various online platforms.

The series’s focus on the running “Era Train” and its impact on the lives of various characters has struck a chord with viewers. The portrayal of railway police fighting against crime, alongside the simple and hard-working individuals within the compound, has evoked unique memories and echoes of the times.

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As the actors bid farewell to their characters on social media, they expressed gratitude to viewers for their support throughout the series. Although the story of “South to North” has come to an end, the show’s legacy will continue to resonate with audiences as China’s railway industry and the nation’s development move forward.

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