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“We can do something better for Argentines” – Diario RÃo Negro

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“We can do something better for Argentines” – Diario RÃo Negro

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “impressed†by the results of the adjustment, after the meeting he held this afternoon with Gita Gopinath, deputy managing director of the international organization. Furthermore, he anticipated that “they have put on the shelf the possibility of a new agreementthey are open to exploring that†.

In economic matters, he also ruled out a new devaluation; projected inflation less than 15% for February and less than two digits for the middle of the year.

The deputy director of the organization, Gita Gopinath, Kristalina Georgieva’s number two, arrived with a delegation to Argentina and held a meeting with the minister. According to Caputo, they have “a very direct dialogue,” and that “the meeting was very good because what we are doing is more than what they would have asked for”.

“The results catch their attention (IMF officials) and they have put on the table the possibility of a new agreement, they are open to exploring that. We also study alternatives and talk to them about the possibility of a new agreement, to see if we can do something better for the Argentines.†said the minister in an interview with the TN channel.

However, he clarified that “it is not that we are going towards a new agreement, but that we are willing to study a new agreement.” If it is a better agreement than involve more disbursements, well, but we are studying with them what is best for the country.”

“We expected recovery in a year, but things are improving more than expected. The last quarter of this year we are going to start to see a recovery,†he added. And then, he detailed the inflation path for this month: “I hope that February inflation will close with less than 15% and for At the end of the first semester we will be in one digit, but I’m even more optimistic.”

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