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Which zodiac sign is unfavorable to the Year of the Black Rabbit?

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Which zodiac sign is unfavorable to the Year of the Black Rabbit?

Original title: Which zodiac sign is unfavorable to the Year of the Black Rabbit?

At the beginning of every new year, we will see people who have studied the zodiac and may do a year-round inventory. For example, in the Year of the Rabbit, it is not only closely related to the group of rabbits, but even other zodiac signs. As for whether the impact is good or bad, it needs to be carefully analyzed to ensure that all zodiac signs can spend the Year of the Rabbit safely.

Which zodiac sign is the Year of the Black Rabbit unfavorable?

As we all know, the Year of the Black Rabbit refers to the year of Kuimao, which is 2023. Among them, the five elements of Gui are water, which represents black, and Mao in the Earthly Branches refers to the zodiac of the rabbit. Taken together, it is the year of the black rabbit. This year is unfavorable to the zodiac signs of rat and snake, which should be paid enough attention to. Because the rat is a rat, and it is in the same phase as the rabbit. I am afraid that there will be a danger of bad luck in Tai Sui, so this year, you must be very careful. . In addition, the snake is also in a relationship with the rabbit. People who belong to the snake this year should pay attention to their health and avoid conflicts with others to avoid disputes.

What is better than

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First of all, it is very good for those who are born in the year of the rabbit, and can increase wealth and career luck. In addition, like the zodiac signs of pig and sheep, they form a triad with rabbit, so the fortune in 2023 is also excellent. People whose zodiac sign is a dog are even more in harmony with the rabbit. That is to say, the dog zodiac has better luck in the year of the black rabbit, but even if it is beneficial to this zodiac, it does not mean that you can relax. You must be careful in all aspects of life and work, so that you can live a safe and smooth year.

What are the ways to improve luck

1. Wearing red clothes and red socks is a very popular method this year, especially the seven-star beaded socks. It is said that they can step on bad luck and make life more satisfactory. Especially in the year of birth, you can prepare a pair to enhance your luck.

2. Wearing a pendant is also an effective way to enhance your fortune, but it must conform to your zodiac. In addition, you cannot wear Jade Rabbit jewelry in the Year of the Black Rabbit, because there is a risk of mutual restraint, but wooden ones are very good. Wood and water in the five elements It is mutual.Return to Sohu to see more


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