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More than 30 million people are at risk of flooding in many places in California – Teller Report Teller Report

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More than 30 million people face flood risk in many parts of California

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-01-11 21:44

Affected by a new round of winter storms, heavy rainfall has occurred in many places in California, USA, causing floods.

According to US media reports, on the 10th local time, the rainfall in California continued. About 34 million people in California are under a flood watch, which equates to 9 out of 10 people in California at risk of flooding. So far, the current round of winter storms has killed at least 14 people in California.

According to reports, the heavy rainfall caused by this round of storms has caused floods and mudslides in many parts of California. The recent rainfall in California has reached 4 to 6 times the average level over the years, causing power outages for hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses, and evacuation work in many places . According to data from the US Power Tracking website, more than 200,000 homes and businesses in California were without power on the 10th due to the storm.

On the 9th, the water level of the Ventura River in Ventura County, California exceeded 7.6 meters, setting the highest water level on record. Local officials urged people living near the river bank to move to higher ground as soon as possible.

The meteorological department stated that the precipitation on the 10th will further increase the risk of floods and landslides, and issued flood watches and warnings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as the Sacramento Valley and Monterey Bay. Another storm is expected to hit California in the next few days.

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The meteorological department also reminded that due to frequent wildfire attacks in California in recent years, the vegetation protection layer in the fire-affected areas has not yet recovered, which will increase the risk of local mudslides.

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