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Why the ideal is to bathe four to five times a week – Diario Río Negro

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Why the ideal is to bathe four to five times a week – Diario Río Negro

Although in some European countries it is not so common to bathe daily, in Argentina we generally do it every day or even more than once a day. However, this custom, which many of us believe is best for hygiene and health, could be harmful to the skin.

The doctor Robert H. Schmerling published an article in the Harvard University health magazine where he explains the negative consequences that showering too often can have. According to the expert, in order not to harm skin health, The ideal would be to shower four or five times a week..

The point is in the imbalance that we can generate in the skin’s natural oils and fats. These substances are what create a barrier that protects us from harmful external factors such as bacteria, pollution and the sun’s rays. Although an excess of them can cause acne and rashes, they are very necessary because they protect us from infections and irritations and help us have more hydrated and flexible skin.

Excessive showering can cause multiple damage to the skin, such as making it irritated, dry, cracked or even causing itching and redness, which would also leave it exposed to skin diseases and infections. On the other hand, if we keep our natural oils and fats in balance, we create antibodies against bacteria and viruses.

In the article, Schmerling also explains that it is important that the water in the shower is neither too cold nor too hot. Very cold water prevents a complete cleanse because it closes the pores, while water that is too hot causes us to lose natural oils more quickly. Warm water is ideal..

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In the diary ABC From Spain, the specialist dermatologist Vicente Alonso Usero also focused on the use of soap. Although it is important to soap sensitive areas such as genitals, feet, armpits and hands daily, it is advisable not to overdo it on the rest of the body. He also clarified that the shower is preferable to the immersion bath, and that the ideal soaps are neutral ones, with low detergent content.

Finally, the Harvard article clarifies that showers should not be too long. Between three and five minutes would be the ideal time measurement. A bath that is too long, bathing more than once a day and even soaping your entire body daily, then, would not be ideal for our health.

This article was originally published by RED/ACCION and is republished as part of the “Human Journalism” program, an alliance for quality journalism between RÍO NEGRO and RED/ACCION.

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