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Without mentioning them, Capitanich detached himself from the Sena clan and expressed “deep sorrow” for the Cecilia Strzyzowski case

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Without mentioning them, Capitanich detached himself from the Sena clan and expressed “deep sorrow” for the Cecilia Strzyzowski case

The governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanichclosed his campaign for the STEP distancing himself from suspects of the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski and asking “to differentiate this fact from any political manipulation”. Through his Twitter account, the Justicialist leader sent a message of support to the young woman’s family and recalled that his party did not hesitate to lower the candidacies of Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuñaarrested for the case.

Capitanich began an extensive Twitter thread, hours after the ban began, referring to the voices that requested to suspend the provincial elections and resolved indicating that the “regulatory recommendations” indicated the “need to carry out these elections next Sunday”.

Immediately, he expressed hisdeep sorrow for the tragic events that occurred and my solidarity with the family, his mother and his sisters”, to say nothing of specifically to the missing young woman, Cecilia Strzyzowski. He also reported that he has “made available a team specialized in search protocols, made up of 34 trained and properly equipped people.”

“Currently, there are 7 people arrested and 400 troops fully dedicated to the search,” recalled the governor and reapplied: “We are on the side of the victims, always“. The leader made himself available, tweeting: “I want you to know that I will always be available to cooperate and provide help to those who need it. We are private plaintiffs in the case, we act according to the gender violence protocol and we collaborate with the Prosecutor as head of the criminal action.”

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Likewise, it published that they do not intend to “overreact in our actions, but to act prudently and in accordance with the protocol established by Law 3,517”, and postulated that “Chaco is the only province in the country that complies with gender equality”.

What Capitanich said about the Sena-Acuña marriage

Just like he did in the tweet about Cecilia Strzyzowski, Governor did not explicitly name to Emerenciano Sena and Marcela Acuña. Instead, he simply used the pronoun “they“To refer to the couple, of whom he was the best man at the wedding and who are detained with his son, Cesar Seineas the main suspects in the disappearance of the young woman.

“In these elections, we have 2,200 candidates and 14 lists of provincial deputies throughout the Chaco. The United Socialist Party was one of the lists, but I want to remember that they were not with us in the 2019 elections“, public.

Jorge Capitanich tweet

Also, regarding the party headed by the femicide suspects, he explained: “They decided to participate in this space as other spaces respectfully do that have not yet fully shared what we think, they are part of this broad system of consensus and unity in diversity ”.

Capitanich recalled that the Chaco Frontthe official party of which he is a part, “made the decision automatically to exclude the people involved, because we are assisted by an ethic at the service of political action”. Emerenciano Sena was going for a seat in the House of deputies provincial and his partner, Marcela Acuña, competed as mayor from the city.

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Others of the seven detainees, Fabiana González and Gustavo Obregón, who are a couple, made up the list of councilors. Their campaigns were also withdrawn, upon transcending the case.

Case of Cecilia Strzyzowski: massive march while Capitanich said he was the victim of “insults and slander”

“We differentiate this unfortunate fact from any strategy of political manipulation that intends to link the provincial government in a media operation with false news. This is inadmissible for democracy, freedom of expression and respect for political rights”, published Capitanich, who He had already declared that he was “horrified” by “fake news campaigns”.

During the closure of his electoral campaign held at the Don Orione Club in Barranqueras this Thursday, the governor declared that his party is victim of “slander” and expressed that it seeks to “exterminate pluralist democracy” and that “there is a subliminal message that seeks to insult movements and social organizations.”

In this regard, in his Twitter thread he thanked the workers of the social economy and added that “Chaco is a province where respect for the ideas of others, compliance with the Constitution and laws, freedom of expression and the Diversity of Opinions in a Pluralistic Democracy.

The impact on the Chaqueño Front campaign

Even before the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the former head of Cristina Kirchner’s Cabinet, former Resistance mayor and three-term governor, appeared in the polls as a winner in the PASO and had even waxed one on social media “resounding electoral victory”.

Patricia Bullrich pointed to Jorge Capitanich for the Cecilia Strzyzowski case: “It could have been avoided”

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The scenario as of now is uncertain. There is speculation that the case could impact voter turnout. One of the social slogans that has been strongly preached in recent days due to the disappearance of the young woman is that of not go to votewith the aim of making visible what happened and that the votes of all those who wish to express their political discontent are missing at the polls.

However, Gloria Romero, the mother of the 28-year-old allegedly murdered, said repeatedly that she did not seek to politicize any claim. Even when Marcela Acuña, now detained, defined her detention as “political persecution”, Romero replied: “This has nothing to do with politics, politicizing or posing as a victim of persecution”, and added: “The only thing I know is that I’m not after you, César took my baby.”


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