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WOKE PARK City Youth Festival – Power up in love, and flowers in fun! _Yongbin_Fisher boy_Zinco

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WOKE PARK City Youth Festival – Power up in love, and flowers in fun!  _Yongbin_Fisher boy_Zinco

From May 2nd to May 4th, 2022, it will be hosted by Blooming Youth (Xiamen) Media Co., Ltd., Star Nest Walker Show (Xiamen) Media Co., Ltd., Blooming Youth (Xiamen) Brand Management Co., Ltd., Xiamen Century World Asia Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The WOKE PARK Urban Youth Festival hosted by the company and Island Life (Xiamen) Culture Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Xingchaoyue Center, a music industry art complex in Xiamen.

WOKE PARK Urban Youth Festival uses music as a bridge, links multiple street art forms, creates a gathering place for new urban culture, advocates returning to the essence of life, and upholds a positive way of thinking and attitude towards life. Explore the power contained in every subtle moment of life, accumulate power from small and subtle changes, and gain continuous upward growth power.

The WOKE PARK City Youth Festival lasted for three days, from May 2 to May 4, 9 groups of well-known domestic groups including Island Mood, Yongbin Ryan.B, DP Dragon Pig, Loach Zinco, OTK, Memorial Day, and Yuzai Club Bands, rappers, and independent musicians took over the baton to sing, covering rock, rap, pop, quyi and other music styles. They were staggered on the WOKESHOW PLUS stage and the WOKESHOW MINI stage, attracting more than 5,000 people from all over the country. + spectators are present.

On May 2nd, on the island mood and anniversary day, a carnival dedicated to the band was staged on the WOKESHOW PLUS stage, and the Green Code Band on the WOKESHOW MINI stage, together with music lovers from all over the country, opened the first day of the WOKE PARK City Youth Festival The wanton and joy, they use the notes to create a charming and powerful scene, wrapping everyone in the scene.

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(island mood)

(anniversary day)

(Green Code Band)

On May 3, the FASTB7AST team performed brilliantly on the WOKESHOW MINI stage, driving the audience to swing and swing with rhythmic rhythm and rhythm. The diverse new generation of rap musicians collided here, demonstrating Xiamen’s new rap power. The audience below the stage shook their heads with the music, enjoying the joy of the music.


On May 4th, with the continuous sound waves and the gradually excited mood, the WOKE PARK City Youth Festival came to a successful conclusion. The audience was immersed in the hip-hop frenzy brought by Yongbin Ryan.B, DP Dragon Pig, Loach Zinco, OTK (9THE, Stake, Roman Child), and Yuzai Club. The atmosphere at the scene heated up with the music, and the holiday was stored. The energy of all released, will love and joy forever in this moment.

(Yongbin Ryan.B)

(DP Dragon Pig)

(Loach Zinco)

OTK(9THE、Stake、Roman Child)

(Fisher Club)

In addition to live performances, this WOKE PARK City Youth Festival also held WOKE PARK City Youth Festival Exploration Action, WOKE PARK City Youth Festival Garden Party, Zero Prejudice·Women’s White Shirt Portrait Project Exhibition, Aurora Project·Light Chasing Youth Music Festival , 6 series of interactions including AMOYGO Fujian Street Dance Classic, and Action City Tour

This sub-activity has brought Xiamen citizens a wonderful adventure trip in the past month.

WOKE PARK City Youth Festival and Xiamen cultural creators started an urban exploration action to explore new corners of the city and find a hundred reasons to love life. Participate in the interaction of activities in the form of map punch cards, connect people with each other, and let the corners of the city make a sound.

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Pinball clipping music, standing at attention hoops, big ball throwing, shuttlecock not landing challenges…WOKEPARK City Youth Festival Garden Tour will bring the audience back to the fun-filled childhood with interesting punch-in games and rich choices of peripheral gifts. .

WOKE PARK City Youth Festival also launched the “Zero Prejudice·Women’s White Shirt Portrait Project Exhibition” together with Pure Elephant Museum and White Shirt Lab, to record the courage displayed by women in pursuit of self-worth through images, so as to convey the endless stream of life the power of.

It is said that “music is the antidote to life”. From April 20th to May 2nd, WOKE PARK City Youth Festival and iOi MALL will hold the Aurora Project · Chasing Light Youth Music Festival. 11 very individual bands use ear-catching melody And the super strong LIVE scene, gave the audience a “special medicine”, so that the troubles were swept away, and the happiness did not stop all night!

A basketball can change a game and dominate the heartbeat of everyone on the court! A team can carry it together when they lose, and go crazy together when they win! After two days of fierce competition from May 3rd to May 4th, the WOKE PARK Urban Youth Festival × Action City Tour came to a perfect conclusion.

WOKE PARK City Youth Festival × AMOYGO Fujian Street Dance Classic is not only a battle, but also a grand street dance exchange competition, aiming to let more young people who love street dance have a stage to display their talents. Just Dance, tit for tat, see you next time!

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A generation is getting old, but there are always people who are young. The power of youth is enthusiastic, courageous, and positive. Born to love to play, to have fun! WOKE PARK City Youth Festival is looking for the youth of the era located in all corners of the city, showing an independent attitude with the power of self. Although the three-day event has ended, the upward force will never dissipate, and the energy is accumulated from the endless love. Ordinary days can also be fun. We look forward to meeting WOKE PARK City Youth Festival again in the coming year!

As the country’s first music industry complex, Star Nest Yue Center attracts about 200,000 music fans every year, including Xie Tianxiao, Zhang Qiang, Landlord’s Cat, New Pants, Hedgehog, Yu Kewei, Ma Siwei, Liu Shuang and other well-known domestic and foreign bands He has performed with independent musicians on the Star Nest Walker Show, and more outstanding musicians will come to the Star Nest Walker Show to perform, bringing high-quality live music experience to Xiamen citizens.

Star Nest Yue Center will continue to focus on music in 2022, integrate the upstream and downstream of the music industry, hold various performances, exhibitions, competitions, forums and other music cultural activities, promote the “music +” lifestyle, and introduce more high-quality domestic and foreign Music performance projects and art projects provide Xiamen citizens and tourists from inside and outside the province with a trendy, professional and high-quality cultural experience.Return to Sohu, see more

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