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Xiaoyu’s new work was more than 4 years old and satisfied with the visual photo “the most handsome ever” | Song Nianyu | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times December 08, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen reported) Taiwanese singer “Xiaoyu” Song Nianyu released his fifth album after more than four years. It takes more time to digest, and it is revealed that the process of collecting songs has been twists and turns, and after repeated overthrows, the release date of the album has been changed and changed.

During the preparation of the album, Xiaoyu not only immersed himself in creation, but also knew more about life. In addition to transforming daily life into music, the core of this album was more about “memory”, as small as examining the memories of the bottom of the self, as large as those about society and people’s minds. Memories, hoping to awaken the listener’s long-forgotten memories, or even “ignored” memories deliberately or unintentionally.

In 2021’s new album visual photos, Song Nianyu released the latest album “Ignore Be Nothing” after more than four years. (Provided by Warner Music)

This time, “Ignore Be Nothing” album visuals were taken by photographer Weslie. He escaped from the past mode. The photographer only put Xiaoyu in one scene without giving any instructions, completely allowing him to play freely, and he also relaxed a lot in the process. . And the final result made Xiaoyu laugh and said: “This may be the most handsome I have ever!”

And each of Xiaoyu’s eyes and movements are unique because they are not restricted; at the same time, it echoes the saying that everyone’s “memory” in the album is unique. In different people’s minds, every memory is impossible. Is copied and replaced.

About to return to the missing stage, Xiaoyu said that he was looking forward to it. This album is also a gift he has prepared for a long time. Many musicians who collaborated for the first time were also invited to participate in the album. From the process of creation and arrangement, many unpredictable effects were collided. The fresh words and ideas also brought Xiaoyu different from the past.

And the first wave of Xiaoyu’s new album “Ignore the Life” will premiere on HitFM from December 13th to 15th.

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