Home Entertainment Xie Na shared the experience of giving birth to a young daughter and lived in an incubator for 7 days | Birth of a second child | Zhang Jie

Xie Na shared the experience of giving birth to a young daughter and lived in an incubator for 7 days | Birth of a second child | Zhang Jie

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Xie Na shared the experience of giving birth to a young daughter and lived in an incubator for 7 days | Birth of a second child | Zhang Jie

[NTD, Beijing time, June 29, 2022]Xie Na, who has hosted the mainland variety show “Happy Camp” (referred to as Kuaiben) for more than 20 years, after giving birth to her second child last year, changed the high profile of giving birth to twin daughters in 2018. No official announcement. It was not until the end of the confinement period and her return to the stage of “Quick Book” that she announced to the outside world that she had given birth to another daughter named “Xiao Yuya”.

At that time, Xie Na’s fans were very worried, guessing if something happened in the middle. Sure enough, Xie Na mentioned her experience of having a second child in her recently published book “Let’s Go”.

Xie Na shared many photos during her second pregnancy and revealed that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy. Hearing this news, she couldn’t believe it at all, because when she gave birth to twins, she hadn’t had the disease herself. When the doctor said that the disease had an impact on the child, Xie Na was even more anxious.

Fortunately, through the dietitian’s diet control and real-time monitoring, Xie Na’s mother and daughter were finally safe and healthy. Xie Na revealed in the book that “Xiao Yuya” was 5.8 pounds at birth, while the twin daughters “Diaotiao” and “Qiaoqiao” were 5.6 pounds and 5.7 pounds respectively.

The book also mentioned that because “Xiao Yuya” had inhaled some amniotic fluid in his lungs and needed oxygen inhalation due to shortness of breath, the child was sent to an incubator not long after birth. Originally thought that the child could be brought back the next day, but it was not until the fifth day that “Xiao Yuya” fully recovered.

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Originally, the couple was very worried, but the doctor told them that the child had high jaundice, so “Xiao Yuya” stayed in the incubator for two more days.

Xie Na, who had a caesarean section, admitted that her mood was greatly affected, and she reluctantly insisted on visiting her child every day during the period. In order not to affect the secretion of breast milk, Xie Na worked hard to adjust her mood and saved precious colostrum for her daughter, which “Little Bud” was barely able to eat on the third day.

Xie Na also described that on the day of the 100-day banquet of “Xiao Yuya”, there were sisters “Diaotiao” and “Qiaoqiao” to help blow out the candles. In her opinion, “this is simple happiness and the most beautiful picture.”

After giving birth to her youngest daughter, Xie Na said that she had grown several strands of white hair. For this reason, she asked her husband, Zhang Jie, whether she was getting old or had more eye lines. In this regard, Zhang Jie comforted sweetly, and only hoped that his wife, who often hosts the show in a funny style, “can laugh unbridled, don’t care so much, these are wealth.”

Xie Na, 41, had to remove one of her fallopian tubes because of ovarian cysts. She became pregnant after many years. She finally gave birth to twin daughters “Tiaotiao” and “Qiaoqiao” in February 2018. The pregnancy process was quite difficult.

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