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Xinmin Quick Comment | “The Myth of Love” is a kaleidoscope, everyone can see themselves

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Xinmin Quick Comment | “The Myth of Love” is a kaleidoscope, everyone can see themselvesFly into the homes of ordinary people

Zhou Yemang contributed the most talked-about character “Lao Wu” in “Mythology of Love” in recent years, but he must tell the reporter, “Being not able to understand the Shanghai dialect of the teacher will delay my study of mathematics, physics and chemistry, otherwise I It’s going to do scientific research! As for performances, winning awards has been around since 1988…”

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Some people praised Lao Wu as an old Keller; Zhou Yemang said that Lao Wu’s clothes look like Wu Zongxian…

Some people think NingThe little cobbler played by Li is very impressive-the golden sentences are repeated, while drinking coffee while repairing shoes in English; some people think that there is no such shoemaker in Shanghai.

Some people think that this is a love movie; some people think that this is a city movie; some people think that this is a Shanghai movie; some people even think that this is a commercial movie; people in the crew mentioned it by coincidence that this work is even more Like a European movie—Xu Zheng said: “If you don’t understand Shanghai dialect, you can watch it as a European literary film.” Zhou Yemang said: “This is a story within a radius of 2 kilometers from Wuyuan Road. The original intention of shooting is not necessarily a Shanghai movie. It’s a European movie. It’s just that Shanghai’s foreign style and Shanghai style make people see the intersection of the two.”

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Some people yearn for the “myth of love” between Lao Wu and Sophia Rowland; some people sneer at this “myth”; there are more people who don’t care about the trend of love at all, but only care about which butterfly cake is on Tianyaoqiao Road until The director came out to explain that the whole network discussion ended. When Zhou Yemang heard that everyone went to investigate the source of the butterfly cakes, he “laughed off”. The next day he also released a video of the crowds of people in the butterfly cake shop, which aroused the curiosity of netizens: “Ms. Zhou is here too?”

What I want to say is-in addition to the theme creation, most literary and artistic works pursue emotional truth more than confirmation of the current facts, which conforms to the laws of art. The exploration, refinement and sublimation of human nature is the common pursuit of literary and art workers all over the world. Secondly, a good work allows everyone to see themselves-everyone is unique, so the theme of the movie you see is essentially a reflection of your own experience and aesthetics.

Therefore, what can arouse controversy is already a good work—everyone can see what he advocates or opposes. This is far better than being “insensitive” to a literary and artistic work. Ignorance and silence are the greatest sorrow of a literary and artistic work. Therefore, each person’s own perception of “The Myth of Love” can be combined to see their own contradictions, and when viewed separately, they are all established. This is the kaleidoscope of “The Myth of Love”.

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