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Youku’s “Hong Kong Theater” Expands its Reach with Season Two of “Infinity Class” featuring Gao Haining

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Youku’s “Hong Kong Theater” Expands with Addition of Gao Haining to “Infinity Class”

The popular Youku program “Infinity Class” has kicked off its second season with a bang, and this time, it has a new addition that has fans buzzing. Gao Haining, known for her role in the hit drama “News Queen,” has joined the show as an artist, adding to the star-studded lineup.

With the success of the first season, “Infinity Class” has garnered attention once again as it replicates the teaching format of TVB’s artist training class. The program features a mentoring team composed of senior film and television veterans, including Er Dongsheng, Hao Lei, Ning Jing, Wu Zhenyu, and Zeng Zhiwei, guiding 18 artists from Mainland China and Hong Kong in an acting showdown by reinterpreting classic Hong Kong film scenes.

The focus of the second season has shifted towards the reappearance and interpretation of classic Hong Kong films, offering a new challenge for the participating artists. In the first episode, directors put the actors through a “stress test” to guide them in performing in different states, while instructors like Wu Zhenyu pushed them to take each performance seriously.

Among the standout performances in the pilot episode was Gao Haining’s emotional journey as she reflected on her career in an anchor interview. Known for her dedication and talent, Gao Haining’s participation in “Infinity Class” has excited fans who have been following her rise to stardom since her breakout role in “News Queen.”

Youku has been at the forefront of promoting Hong Kong dramas and films, with a decade-long partnership with Hong Kong partners to cultivate new content for viewers. The success of last year’s “News Queen” marked a new chapter in the collaboration between Youku and TVB, inspiring more innovative projects like “Infinity Class.”

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As Youku continues to invest in the Hong Kong entertainment industry, fans can expect more exciting collaborations and new content in the coming years. From TV dramas to online movies, Youku’s “Hong Kong Theater” is expanding its reach and enhancing the quality of productions, proving to be a valuable platform for both viewers and artists alike.

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