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Zanduo Chengxiao danced the cute house dance “Amazing!””Dance Club” excavates the alternative side of the principal _battle_Mao Zheng_Program

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Zanduo Chengxiao danced the cute house dance “Amazing!””Dance Club” excavates the alternative side of the principal _battle_Mao Zheng_Program

Original title: Zanduo Chengxiao danced the cute house dance “Amazing!””Dance Club” excavates the alternative side of the principal

“This is an amazing dance club. You have set a very good example for all girls.” After a period of suspension, the dance club reopened, and the players who had been missing the stage for a long time made Wang Feifei feel so emotional. In the sixth episode last week, there were not only multiple rounds of battles, but also several stages with different themes, including house dance, Broadway style, and ancient style, which made the audience who love dance very addicted.

Mao Zhengqian Barbie is strong in battle, and Zanduo, a master of battle, retorted that house dancing is too difficult

The “Novice Cup” challenge is an alliance point competition between the Acute Angle Hammer Alliance and the Cheongsam Hongyan Alliance, which includes three rounds of multiplayer Routine Battle, 3v3 Routine Battle and 1v1 Freestyle Battle. Team points are related to the order of appearances in the second report. , so the players tried their best in the shortest possible time. The performance of Mao Zhengqian and Barbie in the 1v1 Freestyle Battle was undoubtedly the climax of the scene. Whether it was Locking, Popping or House, both of them were at their fingertips. The referee Li Bingbing praised this battle for being very professional, and Mao Zhengqian was rarely able to take care of it. Domestic female dancers with many dance styles. In the nearly 10 rounds of battles in this session, everyone was amazed by the tremendous energy displayed by the girls.

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The program also gave the team members a chance to perform a talent show. Li Jiaen, Gu Yizhou, Wu Anqi and other team members not only danced the two-dimensional house dance, but also warmly invited Cheng Xiao and Zanduo to join in. Cheng Xiao, who is an “old two-dimensional element”, blends in without any sense of disobedience, and although the master Zanduo also jumped out of cuteness with his strength, after stepping down, he was so shy that he wanted to “get off work” directly at the speed of light. Mao Zhengqian, Mao Ning, Cai Yubing, Qiao Yiyu and others chose to challenge WayV’s dance, and Li Yongqin TEN joined it in surprise, causing the girls to scream and fulfilling a dream of the “fan girl” team members.

Zando’s outstanding dialect learning achievements Chen Shuyi thanks Zando for changing himself

More than half of the show, the dance club collected netizens’ complaints or suggestions on the show. The president and managers must not only face these directly, but also respond. Netizens suggested that the team members should dance the dances they are good at in the future. President Su Youpeng told everyone earnestly that Qi dancing requires every dancer to be more inclusive. I also hope to provide more help for everyone’s future development; Facing the “provocation” of netizens who think she is not suitable for house dance, Wang Feifei unexpectedly did not choose to prove herself, but simply admitted that she really couldn’t dance, and said “If I really dance the cute house dance, I might scare myself to death”; when Zanduo read that the netizens hoped that he could lead more players to make progress together, a fluent and standard Northeast accent “must” shocked the audience. It can be seen that Zando’s language skills are rapidly improving in the dance club.

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There are troubles in the dance club, but there is also gratitude. When asked who the most grateful person in the dance club was, member Chen Shuyi recalled the 1v1 battle with Zando during the extra test. She was not good at battle and her legs were weak on the spot, but because of that experience, Chen Shuyi, who used to be afraid, can now take on the challenge at any time. This confidence stemmed from the battle with Zando when she joined the club. Another member of the team, Mao Zhengqian, also chose to thank Zando. She has always relied on self-taught dance, and she doesn’t know if she is doing the right thing. In this show, she received the affirmation of Zando, the world champion. Let her feel more deeply the importance of dancing to her.

There is the passion of battle, the joy of being funny, and the same gratitude. This is “Amazing!” The Dance Club has always made the audience laugh and cry. The public not only saw the growth of the dancers, but also felt the warmth and healing from the mutual support of the big dance club family. Starting next week, the team members will put in the second report performance, and they will surely bring more surprises after the transformation. Every Saturday at 8pm “Amazing! Dance Club” was broadcast on Youku on time.Return to Sohu, see more


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